Justin Cline, iconic White Center business leader and owner of Full Tilt Ice Cream, passed away on Saturday, Mar. 2, 2024, according to a GoFundMe page update and numerous Facebook posts.

Cline died around 6 a.m. on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at Valley Medical Center.

As we previously reported, Cline suffered a heart attack on Feb. 5, 2024, and had been in critical condition ever since.

“It is with absolutely broken hearts that we share that our beloved friend Justin has moved on to the great ice cream shop in the sky,” Megan Riggs said on GoFundMe.

“At every step along the way, Valley staff did an incredible job monitoring and managing his ever-changing condition, and taking every possible step to give him excellent care,” Riggs added.

Ann, Moss and Ruby, their family and friends, and the entire staff and community of Full Tilt are deeply grieving this loss.

“Justin will be missed by so many, because he touched so very many people in his life. The number of stories of connections and care that we have heard this past month has been incredible. We have loved hearing all the large and small ways that Justin’s open, giving nature has positively impacted the community as a whole and hundreds of individual lives.”

Friends have created a list of ways that the community can support Ann, Moss and Ruby in this time:

  • Continue giving to the GoFundMe to support Justin’s family during this time. Ann’s financial needs will only increase as she navigates this shift to single-parenting and keeping Full Tilt afloat. 
  • Send your memories, stories, artworks, and photos of or inspired by Justin. We will be compiling the stories, photos, memories, artworks into a book for Ann and the kids. If possible, title your email “contribution” to help us manage the inbox. 
  • Email to offer any practical support you would like – either with your ideas for support you’d like to offer or an open offer for whatever Ann may need. Ann’s friends will be monitoring this inbox and will connect with Ann to see what kinds of supports are needed as time goes on. If possible, please title your email “support” to help us manage the inbox. 
  • Continue to visit Full Tilt when you can. Every scoop you enjoy, every round of pinball, and every beer you share with a friend helps keep Justin’s family and employees going. 
  • Hug your people and tell them you love them. 
  • Consider ways you can support your community. Justin’s store, his heart, and his time were open for those who needed him. Our communities are better when we are community builders. 
  • Get CPR certified. Ann was able to save Justin’s life the night of his heart attack because she knew how to perform CPR. A couple of hours of your time could save a life: https://cpr.heart.org/en/ or https://www.redcross.org/

We will share more information as services are planned and needs are realized.

We send out our deepest sympathies to Cline’s family, friends and others. He will be missed by White Center and the region, and we hope his memory lives on with the continuation of Full Tilt.

GoFundMe Link

An online fundraiser was created to help Cline’s family, and you can donate here:


Full Tilt, founded in 2008 by Ann Magyar and Cline in White Center, is located at 9629 16th Ave SW:

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  1. Just wondering if Mr. Cline ever suffered from a Right Ankle Injury of any kind? Been doing research on deaths and Cardiac issues in our area and found most start our with right ankle or shoulder injuries. Sorry for your loss.

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