From our sister site The White Center Blog:

The King County Sheriff’s Office says that an upset customer brandished a handgun at the Taco Bell drive-through in White Center Sunday night, Dec. 3.

Police received a call from the restaurant at 10711 16th Ave SW just after 7 p.m. Sunday, and say that the victim – who was working at the drive-through window – told them that a gray, 1990s Nissan pulled up and ordered food. The victim had difficulties hearing what the customers ordered but filled the order. When the Nissan got to the window, the employee saw a male driver and female passenger in the car. The employee gave the couple their drinks and they returned them saying they did not want ice. The employee then gave the couple their food and they started to pull out, but backed up and said they did not want sour cream and asked for their money back.

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