Perhaps they got lost while en route to their annual landing at Alki Beach…but on Saturday, July 7, the Seattle Seafair Pirates landed at Burien’s Three Tree Point!
Maybe they had heard about 3TP’s secret ‘Dive Bar’ and decided to take a break for some grog…or maybe one of the scalawags had to go potty?
Regardless of the reason (it may have had something to do with a kids birthday party), it was the first time in many longtime residents’ memories that the beloved band of Pirate Kings of the Northwest have ever dared brave the intersection of SW 172nd Street & Maplewild Ave SW from the water.
Here’s video we broadcast live on our Facebook page (be sure to “Like” us here to get alerted to future live videos) – and pay close attention at around the 3-4-minute mark when ‘Clapeye’ the Pirate does something in the bathtub:

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