Here’s episode #10 of local activist/filmmaker Steve Edmiston’s ‘The Briefing’ project, where he takes on the Port of Seattle, one Public Comment at a time. This comment was recorded on Tuesday, Sept. 11, and is entitled “What Did You Know and When Did You Know It?”

“Just added 97,000 more annual flights. Going to add another 80,000. Now, what is the science saying?”
Edmiston is responding to an FAA and Port staff briefing in Spring 2017, that he contends was both incomplete and inadequate because it failed to convey, among other things, data on harms being caused to humans and the environment by airplanes. The goals of his documentary project – currently titled “The Briefing” – include using these collected public comments as the spine of a feature documentary film. “We want to actually see, after the Commissioners are presented with the information they asked for but did not receive, what new choices the Commissioners will make – or not make – to care for the human species and the environment that can be found living beneath the flight paths,” Edmiston said. As a private citizen, under Port bylaws, Edmiston must provide his 43-minute briefing – the same time provided to the FAA and Port staff – in two-minute public comment segments. Edmiston estimates the project will take 9 to 12 months to complete. For more information on this compelling new ‘Citizen vs Goliath’ project, visit: Our prior coverage is available here.]]>

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