The Peter Western Bridge was knocked down on Friday (May 19), and below are videos (and photos) of B-Town’s own “Galloping Gertie” courtesy the City of Burien (NOTE: the bridge starts to fall around 2:10 – be sure to listen for the cheers from the workers!): [fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″] Also, here’s one from a GoPro under the bridge:

As we previously reported , in February, the ravine below the 67-year old structure experienced severe erosion caused by a strong winter storm, significantly damaging the bridge’s support columns. The erosion undermined the structural integrity of the bridge, and the City closed it and received emergency funding to demolish and replace it. The demolition project should last about one month, but since it must be rebuilt, the city anticipates that the new bridge will not be open to the public for around two years. The project will occur in two phases:
  1. Phase 1 will demolish and remove the bridge and temporarily stabilize stormwater facilities and the streambed.
  2. Phase 2 will install a permanent replacement bridge, permanent stormwater facility repairs, and restore the streambed and adjoining ravine side slopes.
The demolition company selected is Rivers Edge Environmental Services, Inc. The bridge design and construction company has not been selected yet. The Peter Western Bridge is located in the 2200 block of S. 116th Street in Burien: ]]>

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