Your window of opportunity to participate in this week’s ‘Bountiful Baskets’ is  now open, through 10 p.m. Tuesday night, Aug. 25, 2020.

This is 100% volunteer run, and for less than $20 you too can have a Bountiful Basket of produce each week.

Here are baskets from this past week:

Here’s more from our Columnist Suzanne Greive:

If you’ve ever wanted to participate in supporting farmers, but can’t quite swallow the price of other farm baskets, this is your opportunity.

Bountiful Baskets is 100% volunteer run, so you end up with double the amount of other services with no middle man.

It comes straight to town on ice and is super fresh.

This was my basket last week for only $19.50:

Create an account online here and choose the Burien option.

Baskets are limited and go live for ordering on Mondays at noon. They have been so popular at other locations that they sell out in less than an hour.

“I’m so proud to have this site available for our community.”

15206 10th Ave SW
Burien WA 98166

Saturday pickups at 9 a.m.

“I love that it’s not an automatic delivery, you just order when you want. So there’s no risk of forgetting to cancel and having a box delivered you can’t pick up. Also, the value is amazing. $19.50 is a great deal for super fresh produce. We do no contact pick up. Volunteers are on site to load your box in to your car. Just drive up, pop your trunk and off you go.

“The way it works is a co-op – participants pool contributions each week to buy produce from a local Distributor, Ducks Produce, which operates out of Washington and Oregon. We use our funds to get the best deals for our community. It’s a non profit. 100% volunteer run. No one gets paid at all. You don’t have a middle man so we end up with double the produce other veg sites offer. And you only order when you want to, there are no recurring charges. It’s only $19.50 and it truly is bountiful.

“I love it!”

This project is co sponsored with volunteers from School of Professional Home Inspection and St. Elizabeths Episcopal Church.

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