Window Slamming Shut Soon to Protect your Lawn Against Grub Devastation

Did your lawn look like the photo above last year? Then almost certainly it was the victim of a European Chafer Beetle infestation. Ugh.

As we shared previously, distressed homeowners took to social media to puzzle out why they were finding widespread devastation of previously lovely lawns. Turns out, it was most often caused by hungry crows or raccoons seeking juicy delicious grubs on which to feed, located under the grass. This phenomenon, which saw a more widespread occurrence through our area last year, is caused by the European Chafer Beetle. Basically, the larvae of this beetle turn into grubs, which attract crows or raccoons (which find the grubs quite tasty) to tear up the grass and feast.

Concerned gardeners found guidance and a solution for this problem from Lyn Robinson, owner of Zenith Holland Nursery in Des Moines.

“I was a little stumped,” Lyn said, “which I don’t like! So, I was determined to find out how to control this outbreak.”

After some research she found that our very anti-pesticide neighbors to the north had found a natural solution. Canadian produced grubGONE!®

According to the product information, grubGONE!® is the first Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) bio-insecticide to control turf grubs at a level of efficacy equivalent to chemical standards but without the side effects or off-target damage to beneficial insects, such as pollinators. Instead, the bio-insecticide works only on the grub’s digestive system and produces desired results.

The most effective use of this product, however, requires a little planning to fit the specific time available window in the season. You have from June to mid August to apply grubGone and successfully banish those pesky Chaefer Beetle grubs. The clock is ticking, and ready to run out in a little over two weeks! Don’t miss your opportunity. Lyn has a fairly generous supply of this select product on hand, but it’s the time that will run out.

“I really just want to get it in people’s hands,” Lyn added. “If folks start using it, we can all help to get this problem under control.”

So what are you waiting for? Visit today and learn the secret to save your lawn this year!

Along with proper social distancing, and an open air venue, Zenith Holland Nursery follows safety protocols well, making it comfortable to shop and enjoy Des Moines’ oldest business. In addition to grubGone, you’ll find a wonderful selection of plants, ceramic pots, statuary, gifts and tools all artfully displayed for a pleasant shopping experience.

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