You Belong Here: Meet your new best friends in your violin & viola lessons

Key to Change empowers underserved youth through world-class music instruction.

Our violin and viola lessons give students the chance to develop their sound while gaining important skills—such as discipline, preparation and self-awareness—that set them up for success in music and in life. Key to Change gives young artists a place to belong and support one another, fostering leadership, community and meaningful relationships. At a time when music instruction in public schools is severely under-resourced, equitable access to these kinds of learning experiences is critically important.

Whether you’re frustrated or overwhelmed when you practice or just eager to improve quickly, we can help! Many of our students have been playing their instrument in a school orchestra or other ensemble for years and are hungry to play better.

Our violin and viola String Studio gives middle and high school students in South King County the support they need to make dramatic progress—so you (and your parents) can be proud of how you play. We have a proven track record of helping students become more confident, skillful and expressive musicians with excellent technique and beautiful tone. 

Our students learn various styles of music in a diverse and healthy environment. Each student is taught by Dr. Quinton Morris, a renowned university professor and professional violinist and a small team of Key to Change instructors who help you make major progress in a matter of weeks. Our curriculum is designed to give you confidence and teach you to be responsible, caring musicians who are role models in your schools and communities.

Our founder, Dr. Quinton Morris is a concert violinist, educator, entrepreneur, radio host and filmmaker. A Renton native, he’s Professor of Violin at Seattle University and the Artist in Residence at Classical King FM 98.1, where he hosts Unmute The Voices. 

Since our inception, we have provided instruction to hundreds of students, 91% of whom continue with the program year after year. With essential support from our donors, we are proud to provide scholarship assistance to over 90% of our students, ensuring that high-quality violin and viola instruction is accessible to anyone who wishes to learn.

Learn More About Lessons

To learn more about signing up for lessons, visit our website.

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