To enhance access to justice, King County District Court this week introduced an easier way for people to file a Small Claims case.

Now, people seeking to recover money owed to them can answer a few simple questions online and have the necessary Notice of Small Claim form automatically generated and filed with the Court.

“Although people have been able to file a Small Claims case online in King County District Court for several years, this new method makes the process much easier,” said Judge Matthew York, King County District Court Chief Presiding Judge. “The ability to file a Small Claims case is a key judicial service District Court offers to help people resolve disputes. The guided online interview automates a process that can sometimes seem overwhelming to people who are not familiar with the law or the court system.”

About Small Claims in Washington State

Any individual, business, partnership or corporation (with a few exceptions) may bring a small claims action only to recover money. A ‘natural person,’ meaning a human being, may file a claim up to $10,000; the limit is $5,000 in all other cases. Find additional details on the Washington State Courts Small Claims Court webpage.

Filing Options for Small Claims

Small Claims cases can be filed in King County District Court in one of three ways:

  • Online – Using the Court’s e-filing portal
  • In-person – At any of eight King County District Court courthouse locations throughout the County
  • By mail – To any of the eight King County District Court courthouse locations

Details on each filing method are available on the King County District Court Small Claims webpage.

About King County District Court

King County District Court’s 25 elected judges hear a range of civil and criminal cases at locations throughout the County. The Court is one of the busiest courts in Washington, and is a leader in many areas involving public safety and access to justice.

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