Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer wandered out to take a few photos of a smoke-tinted sunset when some neighbors alerted him to some Orca whales swimming past Burien’s Three Tree Point on Friday night, Aug. 26 (click images to see larger versions): P1210472 P1210451 P1210499 P1210467 P1210448 Fortunately, resident Elston Hill was also out with his camera at the same time:

“Tonight I was walking up the stairs at 6:54 p.m. when a message appeared on my Apple Watch. The Transient Orcas were at the North end of Vashon heading south on our side of the island. I quickly unpacked the big lens and attached it to a camera and ran out to the deck. We were staring into the sun and for seven or eight minutes we looked without any luck. Then looking towards the northern tip of Vashon Island, I saw the Orcas about 1/3 of the way across to our house in Burien. For the next 45 minutes the Orcas moved very slowly in our direction. The transient orcas feed on seals unlike the resident orcas that feed on salmon. Sadly, they moved the closest after the good light was gone.”
Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: aOrcasatSunset_0624 aOrcasatSunset_0561 aOrcasatSunset_0332 aOrcasatSunset_0375 aOrcasatSunset_0447[2] aOrcasatSunset_0469[3]]]>