Burien's Jeff Ferrell will keep making films 'until the day he drops dead' 1 By Kelsey Par Burien Director and Writer Jeff Ferrell premiered his new feature film ‘Dead West’ on Feb. 7. ‘Dead West’ (previously entitled ‘Lady Killer’) is a road movie that focuses on a serial killer who is on a cross country road trip in search of love. Dissatisfied with the women he meets; he begins a killing spree. This film, unlike most serial killer films, is shot from the killer’s perspective, and focuses more on the psychology behind his actions, rather than the actions themselves. Here’s a trailer: [embed]https://youtu.be/RHypK0z-SXo[/embed] Ferrell’s creativity brings a new perspective to horror films. He is known for his 2013 horror film ‘Ghostlight,’ as well as his 2008 short film ‘Morella.’ Ferrell has been interested in horror films since an early age. “I grew up on all the old school horror films. I was inspired by Tim Burton especially,” he said. Ferrell was fueled by his early 1990s imagination – Beetlejuice, Hell Boy, and Labyrinth are some of the many films that inspired him to venture into the genre of horror and thriller. “I don’t really know why, but I’ve always loved the dark side of life, of art, and of creativity,” he said. Ferrell had always dreamed of being an actor, but later decided that being a director would allow him to bring his ideas to life while still having control. Until the age of 18, he focused specifically on becoming an actor.Burien's Jeff Ferrell will keep making films 'until the day he drops dead' 2 He gained skill through the Highline High School theatre program he was involved in when he was in High School. He later attended the Seattle Film Institute, where he worked hands on with actors and gained knowledge about filmmaking. “Overall, I learned the most from actually making films,” he said. Ferrell said he is proud of the accomplishments he has made in his career. “I am proud that I’ve made two feature films that rent right alongside with Hollywood films. However flawed the films I have done, I’m still proud,” he said. Ferrell is currently working on four feature films, including a sequel to Dead West which he aims to release in the next year. Ferrell said he will continue to keep making films until the day he drops dead. You can also listen to the just-released soundtrack of ‘Dead West’ here. Read some of our previous coverage of Jeff here. You can purchase and view ‘Dead West’ online here: ]]>