MoviesInParkTMII15-500 Thursday night (Aug. 20) was ‘Movies in the Park’ night at Lake Burien School Park, co-sponsored by the City, the Burien Film Festival and “The Maury Island Incident,” but unfortunately – due to technical errors – the top three 2015 film fest winners were unable to be shown. The Burien Film Festival donated the screen for the City-sponsored event. It was set up to watch the now-famous, award-winning Burien-based film “The Maury Island Incident,” plus the 10 movies filmed in Burien as part of the 2015 Burien Film Festival Contest. To everyone’s disappointment, the top three films could not be shown due to a disk error. Or did it have something to do with the mysterious Man In Black playing hackey sack in the back? “We are very disappointed that Burien citizens did not have the chance to watch the top three movies so we have decided to rent out the Tin Room on Thursday night, Sept. 3, and invite all those that missed the films to come and watch them for free,” Co-Founder John White told The B-Town Blog. In addition, the Burien Film Festival will use this occasion to announce the next Burien Movie Contest and lay out the ground rules to win up to $1000 in cash plus other prizes. The Tin Room Theater will show the top three movies beginning at 6 p.m. on Sept. 3, and will run them for a solid hour so that everyone gets a chance to see them. In addition, those wishing to enter the 2016 Movie Contest will be provided all the details. “We have to take a negative and turn it into a positive,” White added. “We can enjoy the Tin Theater and make plans for next year’s event. Our theme for 2016 will be to bring awareness to the neglected street of SW 153rd. This street is starting to take off and we are going to do what we can to help. We are open to ideas on the theme for 153rd, and this time we will be ready for the rain.” “A lot of local businesses want to get involved and we want the extra time to organize so that we can produce the best event yet,” said Shelli Park, co-founder of the Burien Film Festival. The Tin Theater is located at 923 SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien. Anyone wishing to get involved with next year’s movie contest is welcome to bring suggestions to the Tin Theater Event on Sept. 3 or email John and Shelli at [email protected].]]>

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