At the upcoming Burien City Council meeting – set for this coming Monday, March 20 – solutions to homelessness – including the potential of establishing a local Day Center – along with NERA, replacing the city’s ‘gateway arch,’ Arts, Parks Boards and more will be on the agenda.

The regular meeting will start at 7 p.m., with a special meeting on the Arts and Parks Boards held at 5:30 p.m.

Download the full agenda packet here (PDF file).

Here’s what’s on the Business Agenda:

  • Discussion and Potential Action to Approve a New City Staff Position: Public Records Officer.
  • Public Hearing on Vacations and Alterations of Recorded Subdivision and Vacation of Rights-of-Way in NERA.
  • Discussion and Potential Action to Adopt Ordinance No. 666, Amending the 2017-2018 Biennial Budget to Recognize Revenue and Appropriate Expenditures for replacement of the Gateway Arch and to Appropriate Expenditures for Repair of the Town Square Spray Park.
  • Discussion and Potential Action on Lease for Public Works Maintenance Facility.
  • Discussion on Possible Solutions to the Homeless Issue and the Potential of Establishing a Day Center.
  • Review of Council Proposed Agenda Schedule.

Burien City Hall is located at 400 SW 152nd Street.