The 2021 Burien Film Festival is – once again – presenting a virtual, online festival, which will run from Oct. 15 – 25, 2021.

While organizers hope to have live events again in 2022, they don’t intend on giving up this amazing platform, and this year, BFF is presenting six curated programs.

You can buy individual tickets for $10/program, or an All-Access Pass for $35.

There will be 40 short films in total for 2021:

The Best – 2021

Every year we look forward to finding the very best of the films submitted from all over the globe. We had 452 submissions from 64 countries. This year yielded some very fine films. The best films – eight categories.

The Animated

This group of animated short films runs the gamut of styles in animation, each film a reflection of the creator’s mind. It is an outstanding collection of films. Seven (7) films from five (5) countries.

The Times – Pandemic Edition

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a deep impact on our world. These stories are snapshots and interpretations of these challenging times. They are moving, and heartbreaking, and shine a light on the humorous side. Ten (10) films from nine (9) countries.

The Real – Documentary Films

A good documentary is both satisfying to the senses, and also teaches new things about the world around us. This list of documentaries from around the world gives a peek into the lives of others.

The Surreal – Mockumentaries

Ever heard of professional rock skipping? How about chicken boxing, or chair wrestling? Or the wonderful world of Iceberg Licking? You’ll fall in love with the subjects of these films.

Through The Lens: Cuba

Cuba is a land in crisis. Artists have been arrested by the Cuban government and held without cause. This group of films, some censored in Cuba, are a celebration of the creativity which abounds on the beautiful island. Five films from three directors.

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