A local Burien favorite for 32 years!

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We’ve come a long way since the early days of Dan the Sausageman.

It’s all thanks to the people who made it possible and Dan’s unwavering commitment to deliver a really great product.


Read on to hear from Dan about how it all got started:

I was told, ‘you can’t sell sausage for your entire life’. I got this response likely in part because I was doing it all out of the back of my Dodge Dart. That comment and others like it along the way, powered me to do just that, and keep selling.

I meandered through college and then in Europe, in an effort to find the great athlete in me, who never quite emerged. Eventually, I found myself back in Seattle and I began searching for something to take the place of my desire to be an athlete. I desperately missed the fight for something.

The year was 1988 and I started selling sausages door to door out of my 74 Dodge Dart. In the beginning, I never thought, ‘This is it. This is my destiny’. Simply put, I needed to make money.

I would walk down the street and enter barbershops, gas stations, really any place with a door. I would walk in and introduce myself as a sausage salesman. It wasn’t working…at least not well.

One afternoon, I walked in and said ‘Hi, I’m Dan the Sausageman!’, peopled laughed and Dan the Sausageman was born!

I found my fight. I grew my route farther by entering businesses that intimidated me; lawyers, dentists, white collar businesses. They were, by experience, more likely to point to do the door and say ‘get out’, but not all. By doing this, I expanded my route and grew my client base. These businesses not only bought for themselves, but also for their clients and employees. This gave me the idea to create gift boxes for holidays and special occasions! I went door to door for almost 17 years, most of my stops taught me lessons I applied in business and in life. Plus, many of my customers became long-time friends and mentors.



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