Dear Neighbor,

As a Washington native, my family has proudly called Des Moines home for the past 16 years. Our daughter graduated from Highline Public Schools and as your incumbent for School Board Director – District 5, I am constantly amazed and as well as challenged by the growth, strengths, needs, and opportunities existent in our communities and within our schools.

As a child, I watched my mother with a GED education struggle through poverty to raise seven children. Though her education was limited, she was relentless about ours. She instilled in us the value of education and she was persistent in her advocacy for the school system to provide us access and opportunity, unique to our strengths and needs. When I graduated high school, my mother and I entered community college together. Through her graduation, this message was produced in me, “that access to opportunities in education can change the course of individual lives and positively impact communities”.

Friends, I am not a career politician, but I am an educator and a concerned resident – and I believe that my concerns are similar to yours. It is unacceptable that ALL students do not have access to opportunities that support academic success, and it is my mandate to demand, support, and hold accountable change within our system. We need to maintain data transparency, strategies that specifically address the needs of our children, and a district budget that reflects a clear and accurate statement of our defined values. Students in Highline need adults who are relentless about their education and are persistently advocating on their behalf.

I am running to retain the District 5 position, because I believe we must do more for Highline students and our communities. We must proactively engage and raise the voices of students, parents, teachers and community stakeholders. Together, we can demand, support, and hold accountable a system that recognizes the strengths and strengthens the needs of ALL students. Together, we can be Highline Proud. That’s why I am asking for your continued support, your voice and your vote for the District 5 – School Board Director position for Highline Public Schools.

Yours in service,
Fa’izah Bradford
School Board Director – District 5 Highline Public Schools

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