From Advertiser Kevin Schilling for Burien City Council, Position #4:

Dear neighbors of Burien,

I am a fourth-generation Washingtonian and third-generation Burien area resident. I attended St. Francis of Assisi School (still attend church there), went to Aviation High School in the Highline School District, worked at local businesses, and studied at South Seattle Community College, Washington State University, and Columbia University/London School of Economics. Burien has provided me the necessary skills to work hard and grow as a person. I want to make sure those opportunities are available for all of our residents.

Over the past 20 years, Burien has grown, improved, and become a city for all ages and all wages. But there is more work to be done. Both Burien and I are 25 years old (Burien’s incorporation date and my birth date are only months apart). I’m thinking about where we’re going to be when we’re 50.

In order to keep up with regional economic and demographic growth, Burien must first continue to incentivize the construction of locally owned multifamily, mixed use, and commercial units. Through collaboration with labor and industry, we can build these styles of development near transit hubs and transportation corridors while preserving the character of our unique neighborhoods.

Secondly, we have to continue to support our law enforcement and public safety officers to build trust and positive relationships with neighborhoods to react to, prevent, and reduce violent and property crime in our city. Alongside city council oversight for a responsible and professional public safety sector, we must also build a culture of social responsibility to promote accountability for homeowners, landlords, commercial property owners, and individuals.

Lastly, over the past 20 years, local government authorities have been charged with handling national/systemic issues surrounding homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness, without the necessary funding sources to lessen the burden. That’s why I call for supporting our vibrant local non-profit and non-governmental organizations through information sharing with city services and more effective lobbying to receive funds and staff for these issues from state and federal partners.

I believe local city government’s main objectives are to keep people safe; direct those that need services the most to the necessary outlets; prioritize local business growth; and support families and youth development.

Thank you for this responsibility of running for City Council. A vote for here is a vote for a brighter future.

Peace be with you,
Kevin J. Schilling

Schilling is endorsed by neighbors across Burien as well as Run For Something, Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Council, UFCW 21, Carpenters Union, Laborers Local 242, and SEIU 6.

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