As the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race fleet anticipates its arrival in Seattle starting Monday, April 22, 2024, all local eyes are on Steve Depew, a 63-year-old Engineer hailing from Burien.

Depew is among over 170 non-professional sailors, including 25 Americans, currently navigating the world’s largest ocean aboard a fleet of eleven Clipper Race yachts.

Battling the formidable North Pacific leg of the race, famously dubbed ‘The Big One,’ these sailors face extreme weather conditions, with freezing temperatures and waves almost as high as the iconic Hollywood Sign.

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For Depew, this leg of the race holds personal significance as he heads back to his home state. Speaking from aboard team yacht “Zhuhai,” he expressed both the challenges and the camaraderie of the journey:

“Crossing the North Pacific on Leg 6 of the Clipper Race is challenging, but the thing that makes it worthwhile and bearable is the crew that you are sailing with.

“For me, the ocean is beautiful both when it’s calm and when it’s rough.

“Now that we are more than halfway across, I know that myself and everyone on board is excited to come into Seattle. Coming into Seattle for me is a really big plus – I get to sleep in my own bed for a week or more.”

Depew’s journey symbolizes the resilience and determination of the human spirit in the face of nature’s fiercest elements. His return to the northwest marks a triumphant homecoming amidst the backdrop of an epic global race.

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, founded by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – the first person to sail solo, non-stop, around the world – is now in its thirteenth edition. This year’s race boasts over 700 crew members from 45 nationalities, ranging from students to CEOs, undertaking an 11-month, 40,000-nautical-mile circumnavigation of the planet.

Seattle eagerly awaits the arrival of the fleet, with events scheduled to kick off next week downtown at Bell Harbor Marina. The public will have the opportunity to engage with the race festivities, including yacht arrivals, open yacht tours, and insightful discussions about the positive impact of women in the marine and sailing industry.

As the world watches, Steve Depew stands as a testament to the adventurous spirit and tenacity of individuals pursuing their dreams on the high seas.

As of Thursday, April 18, 2024, the Zhuhai is in 4th place on the final stretch to Seattle.
If you appreciate our award-winning local journalism, please…

There are many events and activities Seattleites can get involved in once the fleet arrives: 

  • Follow the Race Tracker for real-time updates and be there to welcome the teams to Seattle when the yachts arrive at Bell Harbor.
  • Talk to the intrepid Race Crew about their experiences in the Race Village. 
  • Step on board and tour one of the stripped out 70-ft racing yachts for yourself and see where the crew eat, sleep and sail 24hrs a day. 
  • Join the discussion about the positive impact women are having in the marine and sailing industry at the Clipper Connect Business event. 
  • Meet twice circumnavigator Della Parsons at the discovery talk to find out what it takes to become an ocean racer. 
  • And don’t miss the Parade of Sail on Race Start day, May 3 as the teams will wave goodbye, and start Race 11 to Panama. 

Key Dates [all events are free, however some require registration]:

  • April 22-26, 2024: Yacht arrivals begin at Bell Harbor Marina
  • April 29 April – May 1: 1100-1900 Free Open Yacht Tours, Bell Harbour Marina 
  • April 29: 1000-1200 Clipper Connect Business Series – Adventure for Good: The Positive Impact of Women in the Marine and Sailing Industry, Port of Seattle Headquarters. Free to attend, please RSVP to
  • May 1: 1700-1900 Free Discovery Talk: Become an Ocean Racer, Port of Seattle Headquarters, register here.
  • May 3: 1200-1500 Race Start, Bell Harbor Marina.

For more information on the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, visit:

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