The Three Tree Point Yacht Club held its South Sound Series Duwamish Head Race on Saturday, Jan. 9, and residents Elston Hill and Gregory Rehmke took some great photos. This was Race 2 of the Southern Sound Series, which started and ended in Des Moines. The approximate distance was 30.8 nautical miles. “Coming back on the ferry from Southworth to Fauntleroy when we saw dozens of sailing boats with Burien and Three Tree Point in the background,” Elston said (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): aaSB_0795-2 aSB_0645 aSB_0748 aSB_0766 aSB_0789 aSB_0789-2 aSB_0823 aSB_0862 aSB_1055 aSB_0977 And shot up the hill above the point, courtesy Gregory Rehmke: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA]]>

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8 replies on “PHOTOS: South Sound Series Duwamish Head Race sails past Burien”

  1. Too bad Burien doesn’t have a Marina. Could someone up-date me on our boat launch locations, I think there are at least a few of those to be used for smaller boats. But, not at all sure of where they are?

  2. No public “launches” that I know of in Burien. There are access points but you have to transport your watercraft to the water.

    1. Thanks for your reply Scott. I wonder why this is so? Seems like it would not be that hard to create places where people could back their boat trailer into the water and then park their rig near by. Perhaps dealing with the tide levels is a bigger problem than I imagine? And, it might require a dock to go back and forth from boat to the parked vehicle. Are there safety/insurance issues? Would love to hear other people’s thought on the need for this.

  3. Des Moines has a perfect Marina. Have you ever been down there?
    Seahurst Park just just got a total make-over, but no one thought about a boat launch, too bad!

    1. Not enough parking. Boat launch parking has to be near the launch ramp otherwise people leave their boat blocking the ramp while they go park the truck and trailer and then again when they come back and go get the trailer. As it is, all the parking at Seahurst is often full on busy days, imaging trying to squeeze in a few dozen truck and boat trailer pairs. Boat launches and associated parking are expensive to build and maintain, even if you can get the permits.
      Besides which boat launches are very disruptive to sand migration, they tend to block the sand, then the launch gets covered, then you have to get a tractor down there to clear it and dump the sand somewhere. All of which probably wouldn’t be allowed during the various times when fish are migrating and/or laying eggs.

  4. I think Eagle Landing Park would be a great location for a marina. Plus the city could possibly make a profit if they charge a fee for use. But then again the people in that part town would get a little fussy over the use of the boat launch by low income families. Possibility that they might try to provide a meal for there family by not launching a yacht but launching a good little fishing boat. Could be hard for some to understand that you can actually catch a fish and not have to buy it at the store.

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