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Story, Photos & Video by Scott Schaefer

Kennedy Catholic fell behind 10-0 in the first quarter before coming to life for a 38-10 win over the Skyline Spartans on Friday night, Nov. 18, 2022 in WIAA KingCo 4A state playoff football action at Highline Memorial Stadium..

Skyline started strongly with two interceptions that set them up for a quick 10-0 lead over Kennedy at the end of the first quarter. You could feel the tension in the air caused by the sudden quick lead, but things soon turned around.

A pick 6 interception by senior Mason Hayes at the start of the second quarter proved to be the turning point, and the Lancers came back and built a 22-10 intermission margin at the Spartans’ expense.

Kennedy then steadied the pace and steamrolled to a 30-10 lead heading into the final quarter.

There was no room for doubt as the Lancers added to their advantage with an 8-0 margin in the closing period.

Kennedy moves on in the WIAA state tournament as part of the final four.

We caught up with Lancer Head Coach Sheldon Cross after the game.

“That’s a KingCo champion,” Cross told The B-Town Blog about their opponent Skyline. “You’ve got to be able to withstand some punches in the playoffs. They did some great things early on, and we withstood the punches and found a way to start punching back.”

Cross then shared his excitement to be practicing on Thanksgiving.

“This is a big deal. You know we’re gonna be practicing on Thanksgiving, right? And that’s one of the biggest things in high school football is to be able to to earn the right to practice on Thanksgiving…because there’s only four teams doing it right?”

Below is a video shot after the game ended, showing fans celebrating, teams exchanging handshakes, a team prayer and our interview with Coach Cross:

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Click image below to view photo gallery:

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