By Jack Mayne A group fighting the noise of turbo-prop planes over west Burien told the Burien City Council Monday night that the city has won over the Federal Aviation Administration for now – but the arbitrary change may be reversed later by the agency at the behest of the Alaska Air Group because “it is all about the money.” The Council on April 17 also heard city staff outline changes in the city code about animal care and safety, including a proposal for a city “scoop law.” Three of the seven members of the Burien City Council were excused from attending Monday night’s meeting. The absent members were Councilmembers Lauren Berkowitz, Bob Edgar and Stephen Armstrong. Arbitrary, capricious Quiet Skies Coalition President Larry Cripe noted the group’s success in reducing noise by getting a change in the light plane takeoff mandates from the Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA). On April 10 the Northwest FAA regional administrator, KC Yanamura, announced “the immediate cancellation of turboprop aircraft turning to the west over Burien” when planes are taking for toward the north. Cripe said, “that it appears that our efforts to preserve our environment have succeeded,” but it “is imperative that we remain vigilant and continue to monitor the flight activity to “ensure we do not lose the gains that we have achieved.” When his group started, he said the group was told that “nothing that could be done to stop the FAA’s arbitrary and capricious decision to change flight paths directly over our city but we the people, by the people, for the people stood up against the outrageous disregard for the law and let our voices be heard.” The people of Burien provided both financial support and wrote letters of support to change the federal change, Cripe said. Health, not money “The FAA assumed that our city had neither the finances nor the stamina to challenge their arbitrary decision,” he said. “They were wrong. We fought the good fight and we prevailed. However, we are not done.” It cannot be assumed that the FAA, the Port of Seattle, or the Alaska Air Group will “not make another effort that would negatively impact our community. “For them, it is all about money,” Cripe said. “For us, it is about our health, our environment and our community.” Cripe said the citizens of Burien trusted Quiet Skies to guide the efforts to curb noise and pollution “on their behalf” and their support for the flight path changes that were made. “We optimistically hope that the FAA now has a much better understanding of the guidance that defines their operational limitations.” He also thanked the City Council and city staff for supporting the Quiet Skies efforts. Burien has filed an appeal aimed at forcing the FAA to provide environmental studies of the flight path changes, but that appeal to the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco won’t be heard for about two months and may be considered moot now that the FAA has rescinded its flight path changes. ‘Scoop law’ Laura Crandall, a city management fellow, presented a preview of some proposed changes in the city’s animal code, removing old statutory language from the former King County animal control agency and potentially adding some new animal controls and protections. She said this was preparing for a new animal city code to take effect in 2018 when the new CARES contract goes into effect. Some increases in pet fees would also be proposed, Crandall said, including restoring original King County pet license fees, while not changing senior or lifetime licenses. There would be a new “scoop law” that Burien does not have now. It would include owners keeping animal runs and yards clean, cleaning up after a pet on public or private property, and having items to clean up animal waste with all people with pets off their property. There would be fines for violators, she said. Alley for senior housing The Council approved the vacation of a “U” shaped alley from Roseberg Avenue so that a developer David Sinnett can develop 160 units of “senior affordable” housing. Assistant Public Works Director Brian Roberts says the alley has never been developed, and does not contain any utilities. Sinnett will pay the city $68,896, the appraised value of the alley land. A nearby resident had no problem with the alley vacation but there is a “high volume of traffic” as well as speeders on Roseberg, and he asked for speed bumps to slow traffic. To meet legal requirements, it was required that a majority of the Council had to vote to approve of the vacation – and all four did. In other business, the Council passed three proclamations declaring special days. The first was Sikh Heritage Day for April 18, the second and third both for April 22, one declaration as Earth Day and the other as Arbor Day. The Council also met at 6:30 p.m. for a reception honoring advisory board members and volunteers.]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

10 replies on “Airplane noise could return if Burien does not stay vigilant, City Council told”

  1. So only 4 showed up for Monday’s meeting? The other 3 couldn’t even ‘phone it in’?
    We need a stated set of requirements for attendance and behavior of council members . It should be in place before the next election.
    People will occasionally need to skip a meeting, or reply to a text but, we need to state what the limits are of such behavior, in order to have some grounds for dismissal when someone exceeds the standards.
    This would include a policy on attendance during and after pregnancy and illness. One understands that situations vary, but we need to state when it will be necessary to give-up one’s seat on the council in the event of an extended absence.
    In my opinion, ‘phoning it in’ should only be allowed a limited number of times before a council member is seen as not to be able to fulfill their elected position..

    1. So you mean something like the city council members guidelines that there already following. Yes they have rules on attendance
      11.1 Councilmembers will inform the Mayor, a Councilmember, the City Manager or
      City Clerk if they are unable to attend any Council meeting, or if they knowingly
      will be late to any meeting. The minutes will show the Councilmember as having
      an excused absence.
      11.2 The Mayor will announce for the record a Councilmember’s excused or
      unexcused absence at the Regular Meetings and Study Sessions after roll-call is

      1. Captain O., as we have experienced, the rules need to be tightened up against those who might disregard common respect of the position.

        1. The issue there with one council member that some may think is breaking the rules. But there’s a lot of assumptions about the situation with this council member. Could be maternity leave issue or could be something with the council members other job. Some says a possible security issue. Then there other assumptions like the council member is just hanging out not showing up on purpose just because. The council member out getting in tickling fights with the homeless. There out buying stolen bmx bikes and back packs to giving them to criminals​.
          But non of us know the whole story. Now to go and change or tighten rules would most likely not effect these two most possible issues maternity/security work issue. Also there a good chance that this council member could turn around and sue the city over these rule changes making for more spending in tax payers money. Or we could wait till December when the council members time is up .

          1. Captain O. My suggestion of more specific guidelines would not take place until Lauren B is gone. She’s history. BTW – We don’t know why she doesn’t attend meetings because she has not felt any obligation to her constituency to explain her lack of attendance. We know she speaks of white people as a block of like minded people who she has little regard for. Since white people make up the significant percentage of those who she is tasked with representing, one finds little to do with her but wait out her exit.

          2. Clean I now see how you took one of L.B tweets or Facebook post and are trying to spin as if she hates own race. Now how is that fair and honest this does not seem like a person of age would do something so negative like that. Now if you disagree with l.b that’s fine but you don’t you need to spin things.
            Now with how the guidelines for the city council members for them to post a letter to the editor or to even post a comment. They have to first completely figure out what they want to say. Then type it up present to rest of council members and mayor most likely the legal department. Then there a few other rules they have to follow. But in a situation that could easily could become negative there supposed to stay away form those conversations.
            There’s a difference in what you think and the facts. But obviously you’re someone that doesn’t want to use facts. Then sure run with your assumptions there’s no reason to explain otherwise. Let’s spin everything about her, not act as adults so then when a child come here and read these posts​. Then they can learn how to act online and to talk trash about someone they don’t agree with politically. That’s just would be great to teach youg people how to have fear and hatred in political leaders they might not agree with.

          3. Capt Obvious,
            We don’t HAVE the facts about why LB refuses to come to meetings. She refuses to answer the question. I think it’s reasonable to assume she does not respect her fellow council members or her constituents enough to even offer a reasonable explanation. Get ready, because people of a particular mindset will think this behavior is okay, and with an election coming up, maybe we’ll have another one (or two, or three) CMs who think this is okay.
            It’s time to stop making excuses for her.
            BTW, I truly do find it difficult to follow your posts – lots of run-on sentences. But I AM pretty sure you are in “attack mode”.

          4. Well she must have explain the situation to the mayor or who ever is above her. Now if you take some time and do a search on this blog . She gave birth to first child late last year. So easy to explain it may maternity leave time she using . Do to the laws she doesn’t have to explain that the public.
            Now sorry for the long run on that something I been trying to work on . Also I am not trying to attack. There’s no name calling or anything like that. Just trying use simple common sense. I don’t agree with lot of the stuff l.b has done but I don’t find any reason to make all sorts of assumptions. I was able to figure it’s her maternity leave just by reading a couple articles on this blog.
            In the world we live in there lots of confusion because most people don’t have the time to look in to things or they are to in the moment. To see things clearly

          5. Why should the community have to make assumptions about why a certain CM does not show up and do her job? After much observation and personal email contact with LB, my assumption is that she is a self absorbed, agenda driven millennial.

  2. With regard to bettering our position to abate future noise from the Alaska Air Group, perhaps we should lobby Russell Wilson – Alaska’s Chief Football Officer about the situation.

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