An update from Mike Werle, Executive Director of the Highline Area Food Bank:

Thanks for checking in with us.

At the present time we are still open.

We have put a number of new procedures in place to protect both our clients and ourselves.

Because a number of our volunteers are in the at-risk category, we have been a little light on help but it has worked out OK because when we begin practicing social distancing it only allows around 12 – 14 people inside the building at one time. So we have had 6 -7 clients in the room with 6 -7 Volunteers helping them pick out and put the food in their cart.

It has been going a little slower than normal, but most people are understanding.

I’ve had other volunteers come in during closed days and do sorting and computer work when no one else is around.

The one thing we have had to do is start limiting visits to once a month for each family mainly because most of the food they could access weekly was bread, veggies, fruit and pastries.

Since this outbreak started we aren’t receiving as much of these foods from our local stores because they don’t have it to give.

We have resisted going to boxes because so much food is wasted that way, but if this continues for a long time we have talked about shifting over to that model because it would be safer.

So remember to wash your hands, stay home, stay 6 – 10 feet away from others and don’t forget to check on others living around your neighborhood!

– Mike Werle
Highline Area Food Bank
(206) 433-9900

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