Are you ready for the incoming rain? Seattle Roof Cleaning is!

Although we’ve been setting records for how warm and dry this fall 2022 has been, that’s setting us up to have fall happen in a sudden, strong way.

Seattle Roof Cleaning is ready to help keep your gutters functioning and your roof ready to meet the test of days of rain ahead. An extended period of precipitation is what’s predicted, starting this Friday, Oct. 21, 2022, when, meteorologists explain, a big, wet weather system is headed toward the Puget Sound area, bringing much needed rain.

Keith Beers

While that’s a welcome change for parched lawns and plants, the initial blast of fall weather is set to take us all by surprise, and according to Keith Beers, President of Seattle Roof Cleaning:

“Functionally, the first heavy rains are the ones that cause most of the overflowing gutters and water intrusion.” Since most folks do their roof cleaning only once a year, that means you may have, as Beers says, “10 months of dirt and small debris settling into the downspouts, ready to cause lots of problems.”

Beers and his team have been busy unpacking umbrellas, rain jackets and boots, and put them in the truck next to sandals, sunglasses and sunscreen – “How Washington is that?” chuckles Beers.

After a few years of struggling to find technicians who meet his standards for reliability and attention to detail, Beers is now in the enviable position of being fully staffed and ready to serve a diverse clientele from all over the greater Seattle area, and for his commercial clients that includes most of Western Washington.

However, working right here in South King County is what the team love best. Here’s why, according to the amiable entrepreneur:

“I planted roots in South King County – Gregory Heights in 2006, more than 16 years ago. I’m not just an anonymous business owner; I’m your neighbor. I raise my family here, coach football, stand in line with you at the grocery store, trick or treat at your houses. I enjoy hiking and playing at the beaches down the street. When you need help, it’s really nice to be able to get to your place quickly instead of wasting time in traffic.

“We use 100% organic moss & algae control, citrus degreasers and other Green products. I’ve utilized a Hydrogen Peroxide Based product that’s organic, very effective, and safe for salmon. We intend on cleaning roofs in Seattle for the next 20 years or more, and want to do our best to leave as small a footprint on this precious environment as possible.

“If you’re in the market for home maintenance services, I humbly ask that you shop local and support our small family business.

“I also lament at the property crime and drug problems our city has faced, and am still very much recovering from the economic slowdowns we all faced from Covid over the last few years, plus having my truck, pressure washer trailer, and all my tools stolen out of my driveway in August 2019.

“I am a firm believer that hard work and dedication is the cornerstone of a prosperous future, despite the challenges we’ve faced. I am blessed to have a great team, and we have 3 trucks and vans out in the field, ready to tackle the tasks that need to be done.

“With mortgage interest rates higher than they’ve been in 20 years, and values still very high, homeowners are staying where they are. Maintaining homes and business properties is as important as ever as we navigate the challenging real estate market.

“Roof and Gutter Cleaning – Moss, Algae and Mildew Removal, Cleaning Siding, and Pressure Washing are some of our most popular services,” he added. “My philosophy of customer service is simple: I try to put myself in the customer’s shoes and suggest ways to accomplish the needed work that can save money & simplify the process.”

If your busy summer and fall did not include cleaning and maintaining your roof and downspouts, you may be in for a cascade of overflowing gutters as we pivot to rainy conditions. If that happens, don’t panic; call Keith Beers and the team at Seattle Roof Cleaning, or schedule conveniently online here.

They look forward to helping you maintain your home as a good neighbor should.

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