As we’ve previously reported, Highline High School shut its doors at the end of the 2019 school year, and is currently being rebuilt, with an expected opening of Sept., 2021.

The terra-cotta entrance was dismantled piece by piece from the 1924 building, and will be added back in to the new design, according to Highline Public Schools.

At one point, the district was considering selling some of the old bricks from the building, until that idea was determined infeasible due to toxins.

However, we just learned that some of the old ‘Pirate Purple’ lockers are available for purchase now from Second Use at their Seattle location (hat tip to Carrie Baggaley Rasmussen).

“We have some banks of lockers saved from the old building, still available at our Seattle location. Available in a couple different configurations – all in Pirate Purple!”

Prices on remaining banks of lockers range from $75 to $160.

Perhaps yer olde locker be here, Matey?

Details and more photos can be found here.

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