Check out this historic Pirate mosaic stained glass window restoration and re-install that was just completed at the new Highline High School:

Photo courtesy Mission Glass.

This stained glass window was within a rotting wood frame that was salvaged from the original main structure before the building was demolished.

The panels were in rough shape when they arrived at Mission Glass, but experts structurally adhered the individual panels into a glazing channel to help hold the fragile masonry/glass mosaics together to prevent further deterioration.

This artwork was an important part of the project to the school and the community, as it was originally created by a local artist some 55 years ago.

“I believe it was the 1966 senior class gift to the school in 1966,” Highline Heritage Museum historian Roger Price told The B-Town Blog. “I remember it well, I graduated in 1967. I got to admire it everyday my senior year, I thought the pirate was a awesome gift, the colors were perfect, the chunks of glass were perfect.”

The historic, restored Pirate now stands guard over the school’s new main entrance, re-energized to watch over future generations that walk the halls of Burien’s new high school, slated to open this fall.

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