New renderings for the final design of the Highline High School reconstruction project were released by the school district this week. Bassetti Architects shared these final designs and next steps with students, teachers, staff and community members last week:

The Highline High School (HHS) design and construction project is right on schedule, according to Bassetti Architects. Following meeting #12 with the HHS design review committee, Bassetti Architects met with community members to share the final design and answer questions. Following is a summary of the information: NEXT STEPS
  • City Review & Bids. Plans are in review by the City of Burien. Bassetti expects to release the first set of drawings to the general contractor/construction manager Skanska USA in March. The work will be divided up in packages for bids by subcontractors. Skanska staff have been holding information sessions to attract local subcontractors and alumni.
  • Final Tour in May. A final tour of the old school is being planned for the afternoon of May 18, to accommodate alumni attending an all-class reunion that weekend, with more details coming soon.
  • Moving Out in June. After school ends in June, movers will transport items needed for two years at the Olympic Interim School in Des Moines.
  • Demolition is expected to begin in early July.
  • Rebuilding the Main Entrance. “On the main entrance, we will take the white terracotta down block by block so we can reconstruct it,” said Bassetti Principal Architect Dan Miles. The main entrance will be rebuilt to honor the original.
  • Plans call for preserving the large trees in front of the school as well as the stained glass pirate inside the main entrance.
  • Some interior details remain to be decided, such as signage and graphics.
  • To control costs, some features will be listed as alternates when the project goes out for bid, such as non-entry covered areas and some landscaping features.
  • A new monument sign will be added to the front lawn.
  • Tennis courts will be constructed on part of the field behind the former Sunnydale Elementary School.
  • A memory wall will feature a photographic timeline of Highline High School.
  • New interior views include a 400-seat theatre with a stage that is 44 feet wide at the proscenium, 45 feet high, and 35 feet deep. The performing arts programs will be clustered in the zone around the theatre. Spaces for choir, band, green room and dressing rooms are next to the theatre.
  • The competition gym has bleacher seating of about 1000 for basketball, and 1500 for an all-school assembly.
  • Gates will close off both courtyards. Visitors will enter the front vestibule and be required to sign in before entering further. The new building will allow all interior and exterior doors to be locked simultaneously. Classroom doors can be opened from within to let students in during lockdown, but not opened from outside.
  • The north building will be two stories, connected to a three-story south building by a two-story commons. This and other major details are unchanged from the design plans and information Opens a New Window. shared at the May 17, 2018 community meeting.
Here are more renderings: ]]>

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