Burien Police Chief Ted Boe this week shared a story about “some amazing work by Detective Buetow and our Burien LEAD team”:

So, you are probably wondering why the picture of blankets? Well, I want you to read this long post about some amazing work by Detective Buetow and our Burien LEAD team. In an effort to keep you engaged for longer than the normal social media attention span, I am going to answer your burning question about the blankets somewhere along the way.

On Wednesday morning, a King County Prosecutor, DV Advocate and White Center Officer contacted a victim of a sexual assault after she was threatened by her abuser. Because she testified against him, he was threatening to shoot up her tent, killing her while she slept. He is not a nice man and is a member of a violent street gang. She is struggling with addiction and living in a tent. In fear for her life, everyone was trying to find a way to get her into a safe environment.

The officer had heard about the work going on in Burien and reached out to Detective Buetow of our B-CRU to see if he had some options. He drove to the location and met with the group. He immediately built rapport with the victim and realized she needed more than a place to stay for a few nights. He saw an opportunity to get her connected to housing and services for her addiction.

Detective Buetow reached out to our friends at Burien LEAD, who jumped at the chance to work with this victim and support her both short and long term. LEAD contacted our service provider, REACH. Within a couple hours, REACH connected the victim to safe and confidential housing and also to service options including treatment for her addiction.

The White Center Officer wrote me an email to me. He said:

“I have known the victim for almost 15 years. I have dealt with her on a regular basis and I can honestly say that when Det. Buetow explained that he was going to get her housing and other services, she smiled bigger than I have ever seen her smile before. In fact, I don’t think I have seen her smile these past 5 years. Det. Buetow left the victim with hope for her future.”

This partnership is what we mean when we talk about our “Team” in Burien. Every member of the team was needed in this case to protect a victim, keep her engaged in the criminal prosecution of a violent criminal and provide her a path to recovery. “Help Detective Buetow” is all anyone needed to hear to scramble and mobilize.

Now that you have read my post, the picture is my daughter’s dog. She has a pug and any time a pug finds a blanket they burrow inside. You can just see her eye if you look closely.

Be well and have a great weekend! ~ Chief Boe


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