In Dec. 2023, The B-Town Blog introduced a new cartoon series that profiles homeless residents regarding their experiences in Burien. 

Each resident has experienced the horrors of homelessness, and has survived harrowing and often deeply disturbing experiences. 

In Burien, the homeless are vulnerable, often harassed, and often targets of violence. 

They wish to be treated with basic human decency, and to find homes as soon as possible, and we are doing our best to share their stories. 

Below is our fourth illustration, based on a final interview with a resident of the now-closed Sunnydale Village, entitled “Misery Devices and Systems.”

“In Burien, a person who is unhoused strains to leave the for-profit temporary housing wheel, and is persuaded to do so by the presence of hostile architecture in the form of sharp metal spikes within the wheel.”

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “hostile architecture” is:

“…the design of public spaces in a way that stops unwanted behavior, for example putting spikes (= pieces of metal with a sharp point) in doorways to stop people who have nowhere to live from sleeping there.”

Click image to view closeup of full cartoon:

JPT is an Artist who lives in Burien and is documenting the plight of local homeless people.

2 replies on “B-TOONS: ‘Misery Devices and Systems’ cartoon shows how unhoused are affected by hostile architecture”

  1. Law abiding citizens are also the victims. Our public spaces are trashed, businesses are burglarized, feces on the busses, and fentanyl being smoked everywhere. These poor “victimized unhoused neighbors” should try not being a plague on our society and then maybe they will deserve some of the compassion they so desperately bask for.

  2. nearly all the people in your neighborhood smoking fentanyl live in homes. there are 8000 people in homes in Burien that have substance abuse issues. A few dozen homeless share that same problem. So what is your point again?

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