In Dec. 2023, The B-Town Blog interviewed residents of the Sunnydale Village homeless encampment regarding their experiences in Burien.

Each resident has experienced the horrors of homelessness, and has survived harrowing and often deeply disturbing experiences.

However, their tenacity and strength in the face of “seething hatred” – as one resident and former combat medic characterized it – is a testament to their humanity.

In Burien, the homeless are vulnerable, often harassed, and often targets of violence.

They wish to be treated with basic human decency, and to find homes as soon as possible.

These are their stories, as illustrated by local Artist JPT (click images to view/zoom-in to larger versions):

If you appreciate our award-winning, local, independent journalism:

If you appreciate our award-winning, local, independent journalism:

JPT is an Artist who lives in Burien and is documenting the plight of local homeless people.

4 replies on “Introducing ‘B-Toons,’ a cartoon series documenting the homeless in Burien”

  1. All due respect, to those Sunnydale homeless encampment people, unfortunately, by far, the homeless people that live, haunt and habitually commit crimes by far out numbers your group. Spend 4 hours parked front row parking spot on the west door of Safeway. Count the crimes you see in four hours. The addicts, the constant presence the police need to be there in order to NEVER arrest anyone. If you’re so good, police your own community. Every one of you know, who’s selling crack, who is stealing cars, stealing groceries, who REALLY is insane and would benefit from free health services. Don’t ever preach to me. I have 3 relatives that work at Burien Fred Meyer and Safeway. I hear it every day. My brother in law drives a bus out of Burien. He is threatened nightly. I have zero sympathy for you, call it a community, great fix yours, don’t tear mine down.

  2. JPT- please make a comic about the Safeway where my family works. About the Burien Transit Center, that my friends and neighbors use. There is no joke there. Embarrassing

  3. So glad these embarrassing and tragic events are being brought to broader attention. I’m so ashamed of my city.

  4. Thanks for publishing the B-Toon depicting the saga of the homeless in Burien. It’s good to see their stories and what they experienced. We’re grateful for all the people and the church who made the temporary encampment possible, but the City of Burien needs to step up and do the right thing. If your don’t know what that is, then look into the situation, legal obligations, and past council decisions. The B-Town blog has it!

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