In Dec. 2023, The B-Town Blog introduced a new cartoon series that profiled homeless residents regarding their experiences in Burien.

Now, B-Toons Artist JPT is branching out and diving into another topic – engineering invention ideas that might help Burien and its residents.

Here’s his introduction:

“Uruk, Babylon, Athens, Rome…Burien.

“Much like its predecessors, our great city is known far and wide as a hub of innovation, reason, and critical thinking.

“But hidden deep beneath the surface are a handful of complex problems that have so far evaded our wise and noble rulers. I believe that the solution lies in technological progress.

“Submitted for your entertainment are hyper-specific solutions to hyper-specific problems.

“My criteria for submission is that each idea must be at least somewhat rooted in math and science.

“The bulk of the judgement, as always, will be history’s.

Godspeed B-Town!”

Click images to view closeups of full cartoons, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below:

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JPT is an Artist who lives in Burien and is documenting the plight of local homeless people.

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  1. LOOOOVE the B-Toons: Extremely well done and giving much needed insights into the complexities and raw human pain of homelessness. PLUS the clever inventions series made me laugh out loud, which I don’t do easily when looking at a cartoon. Kudos to JPT, and to the B-Town Blog for running these Toons!

  2. I read a lot of good ideas here, but some are from whiners. I love our beaches and all that go with it. I love the seaguls and other birds, I love the air craft. I have lived in Burien since I was seven and am now seventy-seven. Just remember, before 1962 there were no jets as the 707 hadn’t made it to all of the airlines. Those prop planes would fly over Burien, including Lake Burien with a roaring thunder that knock all of the nick-nacks off your shelves. I loved it in the evening when you could look up and see the flame coming out of the exhaust pipes of the planes. You don’t have whine, just relax and enjoy what everyone else is enjoying. We used to go out to the airport and watch the planes take off, but security has become more important these days. Actually, we used to go up the stairs of the original airport building and watch your family walk across the tarmac and up the stair into the DC3.

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