Rendering courtesy Graham Baba Architects.[/caption] PCC Natural Markets (PCC), the largest community-owned food market in the U.S. and one of Seattle’s original grocers, on Wednesday (April 5) announced plans to open a new location in Burien. Located in Five Corners Shopping Center at 15840 1st Ave. South (map below), the approximately 20,000 square foot store will open in early 2018 and bring around 100 jobs to the surrounding communities. This location formerly housed a Haggen’s, and before that, an Albertson’s. “My inbox is filled with requests for more PCC locations, and our members in Burien, Normandy Park and Des Moines are among the most vocal,” said Cate Hardy, PCC Natural Markets CEO. “This is such a vibrant region of diverse tastes and food traditions along with thriving farmers markets. We’re delighted to bring PCC to this growing community.” Like PCC’s other 11 area locations, the Burien store will celebrate fresh, local, organic, seasonal and sustainable produce, meat and seafood; dishes made from scratch onsite every day in the PCC Kitchen; product standards that keep the store shelves honest; and store staff who are knowledgeable and attentive. PCC also will expand its food bank initiative, hot food and grocery rescue programs, local donations and school fundraising. In addition to its made-from-scratch deli dishes, hot food bar, and salad bar, Burien PCC will feature the PCC Taqueria, where customers will find seasoned fillings like pork adobado, beef barbacoa, roasted squash and garbanzos, and chicken verde made with Non-GMO Project Verified chicken. Sides will include rice and beans, plus aguas frescas and freshly prepared salsas. The PCC Café will serve hot coffee and tea beverages as well as baked goods made fresh from scratch daily. These treats will include seasonal galettes and the PCC crownie — a brownie, chocolate chip cookie hybrid drizzled with caramel. The store will serve Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, Sea-Tac, White Center and areas in-between. The Burien PCC project will be the first designed for PCC by Seattle-based Graham Baba Architects. The firm will also design the co-op’s West Seattle and Madison Valley stores. Since 2013, PCC has added new locations in Seattle’s Green Lake and Columbia City neighborhoods and, last year, in the city of Bothell. It plans to open its 13th store in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood in 2019. The community-owned food market also complemented store growth with the addition of online delivery in 2016 through partnerships with Instacart and Amazon. About PCC Founded in Seattle in 1953, PCC Natural Markets (PCC) is the nation’s largest cooperative food market. Community-owned and open to all shoppers, PCC has an active membership that spans more than 58,000 households. With 11 stores in the greater Seattle area, PCC operates stores in the cities of Bothell, Edmonds, Issaquah, Kirkland and Redmond. Its six Seattle stores are in the neighborhoods of Columbia City, Fremont, Green Lake, View Ridge and West Seattle. PCC also plans to open new stores in Burien in 2018 and Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood in 2019. Named WholeFoods Magazine 2016 Retailer of the Year, PCC gives 15 percent of its pre-tax revenue back to the communities it serves. For more information about PCC, or how to have PCC delivered to you via Instacart or Amazon Prime Now, visit: Website, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. ]]>

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  1. This is WONDERFUL news! I shop frequently at their West Seattle store — and with it closing soon to await a new building, this could not happen soon enough.

  2. A union grocery store with lots of vegan options is a great thing. Can’t wait to support!

  3. Wow. This is huge. But can Burien support a PCC store? Are they assuming people will come from all over? I tend to associate PCC stores with higher income demographic areas. Burien has some of that, but overall is more working class.

    1. Burien is between White Center and Des Moines. It’s also across the street from Normandy Park and Three Tree Point. The location of the new PCC is, I believe, in the part of Burien within the same district as NP and 3TP.
      Just as West Seattle and Bellevue have their own less desirable areas, so, too, does Burien. However, Burien’s community members are *obsessively* committed to the city’s vitality, culture, local businesses, and conitinued beautification. =)

    2. I think (hope)people will shop there, Peter…just judging by how chronically mobbed Trader Joe’s is and the fact that there’s just nothing like PCC for so many miles. I shopped at the View Ridge PCC when I was a penny-pinching college student precisely because they had such great products at very reasonable prices and because it was actually a pleasure to shop there. Their commitment to returning a significant amount of money to the communities they’re in is also a major, major plus. This is phenomenal news, and with BECU and SMCU in Town Square and Bakery Nouveau on 153rd…wow. An exciting time for Burien. To everyone who had a hand in bringing these great businesses here:THANK YOU!

        1. No, Bakery Nouveau is remodeling the building just West of Vince’s on 153rd. Their products and artisan delight’s will put GCB to shame. It’s like a trip to Paris, and not Paris Texas.

        2. Grand Central Bakery is wonderful but we have another company remodeling the old Foster’s Office Supply on SW 153rd to give it an old Burien, brick building look. A bakery I believe. If the food there is as good as the building is looking it will be a great addition to SW 153rd.

  4. As someone who appreciates what both PCC and Trader Joe’s have to offer, I am flabbergasted at PCC’s decision to open a few doors away from TJ’s. Clearly these two are going to compete with many of the same customers, and in my opinion PCC will be at a disadvantage on price. Where PCC has room to shine is as a cafe and mock farmer’s market. Why not put it on 153rd?

    1. Having Trader Joe’s and PCC in the same complex is a blessing. I will shop at both, gladly. I already supplement my TJ’s with other grocery stores, but now – I won’t need to go far at all to do that! And Lindsay – GCB is great, but Bakery Nouveau is opening a location on 153rd and 4th, macaroons galore!

    2. The reason is that the building is already there and quicker to renovate then building something new. Being I hate TJ’s, I welcome them with open arms

  5. I am thrilled that I will have a PCC literally right around the corner from me! This news made my day!!!

  6. This is great! I have shopped at Issaquah, West Seattle, and Columbia City. I like the odd produce selection. Frisee and Escarole.

  7. While I personally am excited to have a PCC option near me and plan to shop there quite often, if Burien at large can’t be arsed to keep a Haggen open because it is too fancy for them, then I don’t really have high hopes.
    On the other hand, people are moving here every day. We finally seem to be “the new Ballard” everyone was talking about 10 years ago.

  8. Finally, some really good news. We are getting the best grocery/butcher shop in town. Woot!

  9. OMG! This is exciting. I manage now between Freddies and T.J.s to get most of my needs met but still wander into Seattle for Whole Foods or PCC (depending on what other errands I have and where). To be able to plan my grocery list with PCC in the mix, what a Blessing. I eagerly await their arrival.

  10. I am so happy—love PCC! As far as Trader Joe’s and PCC being close to each other, I don’t think either will suffer. While I am not a Trader Joe’s fan, I think the two stores can compliment each other and draw more shoppers to the area.

  11. I’m so excited about this, because I too shop in their WS store. Unfortunately this is only going to be a temporary location while the WS building is being rebuilt by the landlord But if they get lots and lots of business perhaps they’ll stay!

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