P1180509 Spotted on SW 152nd Street in the Burien Town Square building is a new sign of life – the distinctive “The Oilerie” logo graces a space on Burien’s main street, where owners Marty and Tricia Hughes will soon be opening the business’ doors. In the meantime, many may be wondering “What’s an Oilerie?” Fans of the TV series “The Shark Tank” may recall a focus on this Wisconsin-based franchise, which specializes in directly importing gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is hand-bottled and sold on-site, offering the freshest and most delicious product this side of Lazio. ‘The Oilerie’ will again be in the TV spotlight tonight – Tuesday, March 29 at 10 p.m. on KOMO-TV Channel 4. The parent company and founders will be featured in a segment of “Beyond the Tank,” a sequel concept of “The Shark Tank.” In addition, the shop will offer a wide variety of vinegars, sauces and salad dressings, not to mention personal grooming products such as lotions and lip balm and much more. Many products feature pure virgin olive oil as a key ingredient. Stay tuned for more on this unique and intriguing business which is planned to open very soon right here in Burien, the only outlet in Washington, and just one of two on the West Coast. According to their website:

The Oilerie® Olive Oil Bar® store concept has revolutionized the way Americans buy olive oil. We have been hand bottling extra virgin olive oil and aged Balsamic vinegar since 2003, longer than anyone else in the USA. Our production facility is located in a small town about an hour south of Rome. I like to say take the A1 in the direction of Napoli and then take a left at Frosinone. With our exclusive and exceptionally short supply chain we offer you the freshest and finest products direct from Italy.”
OilierieSign2OilerieConst5OilerieConst2OilerieConst1 More info here:
Address: 540 SW 152nd Street (in the retail space of Burien Town Square), Burien 98166 Phone: (206) 243-8191 Website: http://www.oilerie.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOilerieBurien/

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3 replies on “B-TOWN BIZ: What's an 'Oilerie'? See on TV tonight & soon at Burien Town Square”

  1. A 2 story Olive Oil store. Hopefully, they’ve lowered what they used to want to charge for rent on 152nd. Everyone will stop in here during the Farmer’s Market I’m guessing.
    Wonder what will go in across the street when Jaffe’s Pawn shop closes?

  2. I’ve been getting my oil and vinegar from a similar store for several years. Stop in and try some of their products once they open and you’ll be amazed. Various oil and vinegar dressings are the only thing I use on salads anymore, and who’d have thought that vinegar was a good topping for ice cream?

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