We were first tipped to this news on our Facebook Page – it appears that the historic Sunnydale Saloon, located at 14404 Des Moines Memorial Drive in SeaTac, and in business for over 70 years, is for sale.
According to a Craigslist Ad:

The Sunnydale Saloon has been in business for 70 years, it is a great little neighborhood bar with a wonderful clientele.
It has an old western saloon décor with lots of antiques and character.
It has a large lot with tons of parking, a kitchen, a basement, and garage. Annual gross income is an average $300,000 per year.
The lease is $3500.00 per month. $165000.00 Will consider owner carry contract with 30% down.
Serious inquiries only.
Please call 206 949 9177 for more info

FYI, we called the number listed but couldn’t reach a human; we left a voicemail so if we hear back we’ll update this post.
As many of our history-buff related Readers may recall, “Sunnydale” is a term used way back in 1870 by a settler named Mike Kelly (not to be confused with Mick Kelly), who allegedly walked up a hill from the Seattle area, emerged from some trees and said (although we’re not sure to whom):

“This is truly a sunny dale.”

We’re pretty sure he didn’t see the Saloon though, as it wasn’t built yet.
So…anyone out there got an extra $165K and wanna get a cool historic dive bar?]]>

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5 replies on “B-TOWN (er…SeaTac) BIZ: Historic Sunnydale Tavern is For Sale”

  1. The bar was shut down due to tax evasion and was not making the revenue claimed in the advertisement. The owners, Brian and Robin Miller were losing their behinds trying to keep the place afloat. They started cutting corners back in 2009 and it finally caught up with them earlier this year. Be cautious if you consider purchasing this piece of real estate do your research as I did.

  2. Make sure the Department of Revenue is paid, tax debts can be passed on to new owners if not done correctly

  3. My father was the bartender/manager at the Sunnydale Tavern from roughly 1949 to 1958. In those days, it was VERY busy, with a huge Boeing clientele. The owner was a man named Art Kleitsch, and later a couple of his sons took over. Art’s brother Joe ran the gas station across the street. I lived in that neighborhood for many years, playing ball at Sunset Park. I attended Boulevard Park, Sunset and Glacier schools.

  4. Very good news for our community!
    Sunnydale has always served up a great lunch
    and is a friendly place to go without the lowlife’s
    so many bars tend to cultivate.
    Welcome back Sunnydale!

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