A beautiful new artwork display by Alexis Lee Ortiz-Duarte is on exhibit in the northwest window of the Maverick apartments in Burien.

The striking display – titled ‘El Quinceñero’ – will be there until Dec. 30, 2020.

Here is the Artist’s statement:

“Ultimately, the “big” idea is to honor my 15-year old self with what my people refer to as a Quinceñero… which typically is not a thing as the event is geared particularly to individuals born within the societal context referred to as female. I myself (born/”present”/identify as male)..wish I would have had one and this show would be me doing so in spirit.

“Currently I am working with fabric and clay, respectively, and I have attempted to use this installation to showcase my artistic sensibilities mixed with my sense of humor and wonder at what moments of ritualistic celebration can look like. I, like most, have an active imagination and do not shy away from the weird. I honestly and sincerely hope you can see inside this space a chance taken to share that weird.

“I have also recently lost my big brother and want to honor him and our inclination to accumulate physical reminders of experiences had and appreciated for what they offered us. Be them a laugh, tears, a good night full of dancing and slight debauchery, and the birth of new members to our clan. I do this literally and metaphorically through the use of objects that have found a way to intrigue me enough to stay and somehow inspire my future artistic endeavors. My brother’s name is Elliot Luis Ortiz. I know he loved me and I continue to love him and wish if there is a chance he can see this and your faces as you witness it, that he is pleased.”

WHERE: The Maverick’s north west window display, 15045 5th Ave SW (map below)

WHEN: Installation will be on display until Dec. 30, 2020.

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