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Dear B-Town Blog,

On the November ballot, you will see a critical two-year technology levy which will support our Highline students and staff. This is a two-year, $32.5 million property tax levy that will not increase taxes beyond the current rate — in fact, there would be a slight decrease in property tax collection for the district beginning in 2021.

This past spring our educators made a quick transition to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote learning highlighted a critical need for technology funding — not just for students and families but for district educators who must adapt their lesson plans and how they connect with families and students.

Passing this technology levy will mean the district can:

    • Replace aging computers for our students and staff
    • Ensure all students have adequate internet access
    • Provide training and support for our educators
    • Upgrade our cybersecurity to keep our students and our data safe
    • Install interactive screens in classrooms.

Passing this technology levy will provide the tech tools and training needed so our students of all ages can continue their education during these challenging times. Please support this levy!

– Sandy Hunt
President Highline Education Association

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