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Charm and History In Burien!

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard that our own “little” Burien is one of the top 10 growing cities in America today. An amazing place to live and work, with a thriving art and entertainment scene. But let’s take a minute to see where we’ve come from. Dating back to George Ouellet and his homesteading in 1864, or Gottlieb Burian who arrived twenty years later, we’ve always been a growing community. By the early 1900’s visitors were coming to enjoy the beaches at Three Tree Point or clear waters of Lake Burien. This area became even more accessible in 1915 with the completion of the Lake Burien Railway.
Now we come to 1936; and the focus of our story. Let’s take a minute to look through the lens of a simple, charming farm house built for one of many rural families living and farming in the area. It was a different time, the average cost of a new home was just under $4000, a gallon of gas was $.10 and a loaf of bread was $.08. But there were some significant things happening in 1936. Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals at the Berlin Summer Olympics, Hoover Dam was completed, and Congress passed the Rural Electrification Act. What??? The Act provided loan funds that promoted bringing electricity to smaller, rural areas.
But, Washington was ahead of the game, and our little house, built in 1936, was built with electricity. Just like 47.5% of homes in Washington State. It weathered the stormy years of World War 1 and World War 2. Land use changed around it as we went from rural to urban with the passing of the years. But our little house maintained its charm and warmth. With facelifts and remodels it still sits proud today. With grace and warmth it finds the balance between traditional design and contemporary amenities. Perfect for the first time homebuyer who wants to live and enjoy being a part of historic Burien, or the savvy investor who knows it’s time to take advantage of our quadrupled rental rates.
Here are some pics (click images to see larger versions):
Lake Home
Lake livingroom
Lake Kitchen
Lake Main Bath
Lake Deck
To see this charming, historic home:

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