After a very tense four+-hour stand-off, the King County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man at Big 5 Sporting Goods on SW 148th Street Tuesday morning (Dec. 2) after he apparently rammed his vehicle through the front door. Despite the huge police turnout, and the fact that the man had tried to steal guns from the business, there were no injuries reported. No employees were inside at the time of the attempted drive-through. Police say that the suspect crashed a mini-van into the front door, drove around inside, then got stuck trying to exit. He then barricaded himself inside the business, hiding for a while inside the rafters near the ceiling, according to police. A SWAT team was called, armed police were seen on the roof and around the building, and a heavily armed vehicle was positioned at the front door. A flash grenade was set off, a robot was sent inside, and police used a chainsaw to cut into the roof. Apparently the usually-locked guns and ammunition cases inside the store were broken into, and police say the suspect had loaded weapons into his vehicle. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) was on scene as the stand-off wound down. Police closed the usually-busy SW 148th Street from 1st Ave South to 4th Ave SW as a precaution and urged motorists to use alternate routes during the standoff. At 11:48 a.m., police sent out this Tweet, showing the damage inside the store:

Around 11 a.m. Burien Police announced that one suspect had been arrested: Police also report that the suspects were “trying to steal guns”: Deputies first responded around 7 a.m. after receiving a report of a vehicle crashing into the building, located at 125 SW 148th Street. We haven’t heard yet of any lockdowns at nearby schools, but the administration at Kennedy Catholic High School, located eight blocks to the north, sent out this email:
Dear Parents and Guardians, The news has been covering a break-in at the Big 5 sporting goods store in Burien. At this time 148th Street is closed with tactical teams surrounding the store with suspects inside. We have been alerted by authorities of a potential safety concern and we remain in close communication for any status changes. The safety committee is on standby to implement lockdown, should it be necessary. We will keep you informed as the day progresses. The safety of the students is our highest priority. The Administration
And the Highline School District sent out this notice about Highline High School (located at 225 S. 152nd Street) just after 11 a.m.:
“There is police activity in the area of SW 148th and 1st Avenue at the Big 5 store in Burien. Police have recommended students at Highline High School stay on campus during lunch today so we have closed campus. The activity is currently contained inside the Big 5 store and not affrecting any other schools. We have additional security officers on hand at area schools and are monitoring the situation closely. We will take appropriate steps to keep students safe as directed by the King County Sheriff.”
Here’s a photo courtesy David Sharpe, who added “Very crazy!!! The place was surrounded with police. From what I understand the police caught the robbers. At least that is what one officer told me.”: Big5Crash Here are some photos taken near the scene by Scott Schaefer: Big5-2Big5-1 Here are some relevant Tweets: ]]>

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  1. Crazy situation. Small note: The Burien Police Department = The King County Sheriff’s Office. Same department, however contract vehicles are “branded” for the city they serve.

    1. We’re well aware that the City of Burien contracts with KCSO.
      We only mention Burien P.D. because there are certain “regulars” we know and appreciate who wear that badge.

  2. Look forward to seeing the video on stupid crimes committed by idiots, last thing a business needs during the holidays, thank god no one got hurt!

  3. I would like to thank all officers, fire departments, and any additional SWAT, ATF, and Police for doing such an outstanding job!! KUDOS!! I am glad it appears that no fatalities for anyone involved. I appreciate all you guys do! I’m new enough here and know you guys have your hands full! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! If I missed anyone else.. THANK YOU!! Stay safe and go home to your families, friends, and co-workers!! Great Job!! I hope you find the other guy too if there is another one involved and get him/her behind bars.

  4. Here’s a thought… Maybe if they didn’t deploy the helicopter every time there is an incident, no matter how minor, they would be able to afford the extra officers they are desperately in need of. Seems to be quite an expensive toy for nothing more than observation. Wouldn’t a small drone serve the same function, for far less money? I realize it’s not as cool as all of their other GI Joe toys, but let’s face it – after four hours of deploying all their “big guns” today, it was a taser that ended it all.

      1. The cameras mounted on police helicopters are a completely different technology than can be currently mounted on a drone. They have much more powerful zoom lenses, and pick out far more detail from longer distances. They also have infrared capabilities to track individuals in the dark, which is critical for searches of lost individuals after dark. Also, with a helicopter, you have one or two human observers that can take in the whole scene and then select where it is appropriate to focus the camera. Which is a long way of saying no, you can’t replace it with a drone, at least not yet,

    1. Maybe they were able to end it with a taser and all the officers went home that day in good shape because they used the helicopter. Don’t know, but maybe.

    1. YES! This brings to mind the incident on 160th last summer, where unfortunately, despite negotiators present, an inebriated man (who would not exit the home) was shot and died. (Now under review I understand.)
      KUDOS to all involved who kept their wits about them, did not let testosterone take over, and with the help of skillful negotiators lead this crazy guy out of his “situation” without blood loss. An amazing turn-around in less than 6 months!

      1. It seems you already have had your review of the case and came to your verdict. Until you get shot at hero then decide what action should be taken. Your probably not worried about a “concerned citizen” when it happens.

      2. You have no clue what you’re talking about. Completely different situations. The guy on 160th St. was firing his weapon from the window of his house. There was actually two instances where he fired his gun.
        The police neutralized the threat with just cause.
        It helps if you actually know the facts of the case before you give us your opinion.

    1. DJ, You my friend, are an idiot (or a very misinformed voter) if you really
      believe what you just wrote…

  5. The City of Burien has been in the news a lot lately. The other day some of my unappreciative Burien neighbors called KIRO news to report how horrified they were to find few yards of road striping that was painted on dirt and leaves. It must have been a slow news day because KIRO actually sent a crew out to film it. Today someone drives a vehicle right through a store window and tries to steal guns. The ATF SWAT team had to be called out, KIRO news had a crew there. Meanwhile some of my cry baby Burien neighbors are finding out there are bigger scarier problems in our community to be worried about than a white fog line that gets repainted twice a year.

  6. Why hit Big5 anyhow…if you’re dumb enough to rob a gun shop – any gun shop, at least go somwhere that has something worth the attempt like a .338 Lapua or a nifty ‘lil MG4. And if you’re gonna hit a store with your car and go for a drive inside while you’re at it, try to find a store that doesn’t have a flippin’ sunken floor for you to get stuck in while you’re trying to bug out! LOL!!!
    Seriously however, Kelsey will be sadly missed. I hope she and other employees will be able to get back to work soon.
    – “Lollygagger”

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