Thursday morning (Aug. 16) at 9 a.m., a 14-year old Burien resident heard glass breaking at her neighbors house in the 200 block of S. 128th Street (map below).

Police say that she saw someone she didn’t recognize at the neighbors house and called 911.

Burien Police Officers immediately responded and contacted a suspected exiting the neighbors home with a TV still in his hands. He was arrested without incident and booked for residential burglary.

“A great job by the alert teenager and our officers!” Capt. Bryan Howard said.

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7 replies on “Burglar arrested in Burien thanks to alert teenage neighbor”

  1. Hmm! Wondering if it was the same guy who broke into my house at 8am on Aug 1st, he was driving a silver Pontiac according to a neighbor and police.

  2. As residents of 128th and 2nd Ave S, we would like to thank that young lady for doing the right thing. We are so appreciative that you are a good neighbor! And, also the BPD, for responding so quickly. The break-ins have gotten very tiresome and it’s satisfying for one of the many to conclude with an arrest.

  3. Would love a follow-up on just what amount of time and money this burglar pays for his crime. Generally, such creeps spend a little time in jail and are asked to pay something to the victim. But the victim is left to collect from the creep and that turns out to be a losing chore. Meanwhile the homeowners insurance goes up because of the crime and the creep is out doing it all over again
    I think we should post pictures of people found guilty of such crimes in the weekly newspaper and here at the blog, along with the details of what they have done. It seemed a more meaningful way of dealing with such people. Get their names and pictures out there for people to know about them. This can give the crooks more of a threat, than any jail time.

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