Burien Arts Association Board of Trustees members join in congratulating the trophy winners. From left, Grace Stiller, president; Cydney Moore, trustee; Helena Rogers, Artist of the Year; Paul Illian, Volunteer of the Year; Virginia Wright, treasurer; Claire Yurdin, trustee and Eric Mathison, secretary. Photos by Marge Ellsworth.

Helena Rogers and Paul Illian hold the trophies they were presented as Burien Arts Association Artist and Volunteer of the Year for 2020.

The Burien Arts Association (BAA) presented trophies to its Artist and Volunteer of the Year at the Burien Winter Market on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021.

Helena Rogers was named 2020 Artist of the Year.

Paul Illian was honored as 2020 Volunteer of the Year.

“Helena Rogers and Paul Illian are professional artists that volunteer their time and talents in support of Burien Arts,” BAA president Grace Stiller said. “Helena and Paul could have received either award, since they both volunteer and are excellent Fine Arts painters. We’d like to honor them and acknowledge their commitment.”

The trophies, which will be presented each year to an Artist and Volunteer of the Year are from Burien Trophy.

Joining Grace in presenting the trophies were Board of Trustee members Virginia Wright, treasurer; Eric Mathison, secretary; Cydney Moore and Claire Yurdin.

The Burien Arts Association is the local nonprofit that delivers arts and cultural events to Highline communities.

Visit https://burienarts.org/ for more information on how you can be involved.

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