EDITOR’S NOTE: Since our creation in 2007, The B-Town Blog has allowed residents running for local office one free post for when they announce their candidacy:

Dear Burien Friends & Family,

It has been a wonderful, exhausting, gratifying and sometimes terrifying few years during my term on the Burien City Council. Through it all, I have felt honored to represent the city of Burien and all of our diverse community.

I have enjoyed working with our City Staff, as well as various community organizations (official or extremely grassroots), listening to what the concerns may be and helping you advocate for the changes Burien needs.

I marched with you to demand that all acknowledge that Black Lives Matter.

I met with you and toured the crumbling apartments where so many were evicted in the middle of winter.

I cried with you when we unanimously passed a suite of tenant protections.

I was honest, transparent and vulnerable with you when my family faced severe poverty while I was in office and needed a GoFundMe to survive.

I voted to give the police more compassionate tools, provide creative affordable housing options, and to bring rapid transit to our city.

But our work is not done.

It is with great excitement that I announce that I am running for re-election to the Burien City Council in 2021.

Burien is not broken.

We are a city with limited resources and with some catching up to do, but the issues facing our city are not unique to Burien.

We need to continue to have leadership that thinks regionally, instead of turning inward, because the problems we face cannot be solved with the resources within our city’s borders.

I invite you follow along on this journey to the Primary in August, and the General election in November. Write in (krystal4burien@gmail.com), comment on my social media (@krystal4burien), attend the Zoom townhalls, check out the website (www.krystal4burien.com) and please – if you support the work I’ve been doing and propose to do – make a donation to support the campaign (https://secure.anedot.com/marx/donate).

I can’t wait to re-connect with you during this campaign!

– Krystal

Krystal Marx, Deputy Mayor and Candidate for Burien City Council (Position 7)


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