Photo of Eric Mathison near Burien Town Square by Maurreen Hoffmann. He was speaking to a WABI Burien ‘Walk-N-Talk’ group before walking over to Mathison Park.

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, Eric Mathison was named as Burien’s 2015 “Citizen of the Year.”

Mathison, who recently retired as Editor for the Highline Times, was unanimously voted as the sole award winner.

He currently serves on the city’s Parks & Recreation Citizen’s Advisory Board, as well as volunteering as Secretary for the Burien Arts Association.

The Mathison family has deep roots in Burien, once owning five acres where what is now Mathison Park at 533 S. 146th Street. The Mathison children had many adventures on the property – climbing trees, building forts, and picking fruit from their gardens.

“Just because we lived on five acres on the top of a hill, I don’t want you to think we were rich snobs,” Eric said on the city’s website. “My dad was a Boeing middle manager. My mom took care of five kids and volunteered in the community. My parents were into voluntary simplicity before voluntary simplicity was cool.”

Mathison’s award earns him the right to serve as Grand Marshal in the city’s Independence Day Parade on July 4.

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8 replies on “Burien City Council awards Eric Mathison its 2015 'Citizen of the Year' award”

  1. Many friends of the Mathisons’ had loads of fun on those five forested acres, including me! I was good friends with Eric’s little sister, Susan. I remember their parents with huge admiration and love. They set an example of quiet devotion to their family and to their community. Burien is lucky to have Eric carrying on in the Mathison style! Congratulations, Eric!!

  2. Great pick for Man of the Year. Eric has given Burien so much, for years! Congratulations Eric!

  3. Eric, you are fantastic! Congratulations on getting Burien Citizen of the Year Award for 2015. You do a lot for the community and deserve such a distinctive honor. Proud of you for many reasons!

  4. Eric,
    You are a great citizen of Burien. Congratulations! Thank You for the enthusiastic spirit, good humor, and integrity you bring to the many ways you to provide service and participate in our community.

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