A message from Burien City Council candidate Hugo Garcia, who is running for Position No. 1:

Empathy. Kindness. Respect – These Are Burien Politics

As the 2021 primary election approaches this Tuesday, August 3, I took a few moments to reflect on why I decided to enter the race for city council position 1 and why I am asking for your vote.

It really centers on a vision for Burien that I’ve seen since my parents settled here in 1991. Burien is and can continue to be a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community. It’s a place that supports and loves its local businesses and will support their growth. It is a community that shows you can have the values of a small town, without sacrificing on the policies that protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

Burien politics are not those of Seattle, Federal Way, Bellevue, Kirkland or Tukwila. Burien politics, to me, are those of empathy, kindness and respect.

Those values are my values and the ones that I will bring to the dais if you, my fellow Burien neighbors, elect me.

It has been my honor to bring those values to this campaign as well. Everyday of this campaign I get the opportunity through door knocking, community events, social media messages and many other ways to hear from residents of Burien about their ideas on how to make our community better.

I’ve also proudly attended all of the candidate forums that I have been invited to during this primary season. Those discussions are not always easy and I’ve appreciated the dialogue with individuals that agree and disagree with my positions on different issues. We cannot shy away from having important conversations just because we disagree. In fact, I knew from day one that signing up to run for city council means that I would value public comment and input from everyone, especially those that disagree with me.

We do not always walk away from these conversations with consensus but we do find greater understanding of various perspectives on the issues and practice respectful dialogue with one another about the issues we all care about.. Again…empathy, kindness and respect is the Burien way.

I make a promise to you that if you advance me to the general election and elect me to city council that I will always make myself available to listen to the concerns of our community. That doesn’t mean you will always be happy with my position and vote on issues, but I promise to approach each question with a curiosity of what’s best for our community and to listen to all sides of the issue. I hope that I will always earn your respect in that regard.

That’s a vision we can and will continue to achieve together. Thank you and I humbly ask for your vote for city council position one.

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