“For my family, for my children, a better education and a better future.”

When I asked my dad, Don Gama, why he came to the United States in the late 1980’s it’s this line that stuck with me. It’s the story of so many families that made sacrifices so that they could work for a better life for their children and generations to come.

The dreams he and my mother had for our family that still live on are the reason I am running for Position One on the Burien City Council. All members of our community deserve a better future for their families.

Burien is a community that opens its arms to all residents. It is a place that supports and loves its local businesses. It is a place that shows the values of a small town, without sacrificing on policies that protect the most vulnerable in our communities. It’s a community not defined by loud voices, but one that invites community engagement to make our city a better place for residents and those who work here.

As we start to see more of life emerge from the pandemic, it is critical our city council keep the needs of burien small businesses, their employees, and vulnerable residents front of mind. I’ve heard those voices in my advocacy at city council over the past few years. I heard it when I stepped up to give back to my community through the city’s advisory commissions. I see it every day when I go door knocking around the community. It’s the same voice that I will bring to the table as a member of the city council.

Outside of the dreams my parents had when they came to the United States, they also held true to the belief that we should lead with empathy, respect, kindness and hard work.

These are the values I bring and why I am so excited about the future of Burien and our community. I look forward to meeting more members of our community in the coming weeks and asking for your vote.

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