A message from Burien City Council Candidate Hugo Garcia, who is running for Position No. 1:

Affordable housing allows working families to flourish in Burien

My family moved to Burien in 1991 because it was a community that supported working families. They still live in Burien today, but the Burien of the past where a working family could live reasonably well on one income or even two incomes is quickly slipping away. My brother and I found that out when we started to look for our own homes to purchase over a decade ago. We realized that the only way we could stay home in Burien and close to our parents was to purchase a multifamily home duplex in North Burien and live in it together.

I’m hearing from neighbors that my family’s struggle of a changing and less affordable community isn’t unique. As we saw childhood friends and family get displaced and move away, we realized the dream of working families being able to purchase a home in Burien is receding; slipping more and more as the community changes around us. My parents are now senior citizens & like many Burien seniors & elders in our community who have built their lives in our city, they are facing difficulty remaining in their homes.

One of the main reasons I am running for City Council is to tackle the affordable housing challenge head-on. I believe in my lived experience combined with smart public policy that preserves and advances housing for all individuals in our community, and I have the professional experience to deliver that policy.

With sky high rents and property values at all-time highs, it is essential for our community that all families have the opportunities they need to develop and grow in Burien. Our own immigrant family had that opportunity & the fruit of that tree is evident- both of my brothers are local educators who are passionate about supporting the youth of Burien. As your current Burien Planning commissioner, I’ve worked tirelessly with fellow neighbors and community members to advise our city council on enacting policies and partnerships that support creating additional working family housing.

I am the only individual in the race for Position One that has been directly involved in working on these issues for the past three years.

I’m also proud to be endorsed by the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund, the Working Family Party and the Affordable Housing Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties because of this experience.

It is a priority for me that Burien remains a home for working families and seniors of ALL ages. I hope that I can earn your vote and we can bring this vision of housing for all to life and continue to strengthen our community together.

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