A message from Burien City Council candidate Mark Dorsey, who is running for Position No. 3:

I am so excited to share my campaign signs! They are quite eye-catching and yes, there is a story behind them. An unknown (to me) neighbor in Burien handmade the sign in advance of the Burien Primary to show their support for my campaign and desire to have change in Burien. I had never met them. Through friends, I reached out and asked them if I could use their design to communicate my campaign’s message. They were thrilled to help and agreed, and now you know how my campaign signs came to be.

My name is Mark Dorsey, and I am running for Position No. 3 for the Burien City Council.

The past four years we have all seen many changes to our city. Some of those changes have been positive (more diversity, great local restaurants and businesses) and some have been not so positive (crime, lots of trash in public spaces, deteriorating safety in our neighborhoods, lack of police presence, lack of leadership). I have lived in Burien (Gregory Heights & Manhattan) for over 26 years. I raised my children here (Gregory Heights Elementary, St. Francis, Sylvester, Kennedy and Highline). I have coached my children’s sports teams (probably many of yours too) with YMCA, CYO, and Highline for 14 years, President of GSSC Swim Club for 6 years, Emcee of the St. Francis Auction for many years, Highline & SeaTac Meals on Wheels for 12 years, and much more. Burien is my home and I am not happy with the direction of our city. Instead of complaining about it, I decided to do something about it. I do not accept our current state as the new normal for Burien or a product of diversification. I believe our current state is a product of a lack of leadership and that is what I intend to bring to Burien City Council Position #3.

My focus in office will be on minimizing crime opportunities by working with our City Council to add structure to consistently clean up our streets and public areas. I will also direct my focus on the quality of Burien Policing vs the cost. We should never price shop for our safety. I will apply my 30+ year business acumen to each and every proposal and ordinance that comes through our city and make sure that we are using common sense and constantly asking ourselves how this will benefit our city. I am not seeking a higher office. Let’s get our city headed in the right direction, vote for Mark Dorsey for Position 3.

If you want a sign to have in your yard in Burien, please visit my site, markdorseyforburien.com and let me know. Thank you for your support and for sharing this post with your neighbors and connections.

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