Without mentioning his opponent’s name, Burien City Council candidate Martin Barrett addressed his loss in the race for Position No. 1 in a message posted Saturday (Nov. 13, 2021) on Facebook and Nextdoor.

“Clearly, we are all disappointed in how this election has unfolded and we grieve for our city,” Barrett wrote.

Barrett held a 3.25-percentage-point lead over opponent Hugo Garcia in Election Night returns, which represented 49 percent of all Burien ballots cast in the Nov. 2 general election.

As of the latest count, which represents 98.7 percent of all Burien ballots, Garcia holds a 6-percentage-point lead over Barrett, who has 5,666 votes to Garcia’s 6,396.

King County Elections will certify the final election results Nov. 23.

Here’s Barrett’s full statement:

“Dear Friends,

“Beth and I would like to thank you for your extraordinary support during this recent election. Entering into this race, we had no idea that so many friends, new and old, would volunteer to help. From funding, canvassing, phone calls, placing yard signs in front yards, inviting friends to backyard gatherings, lending us your networks, contributing writing talent, data analysis, and prayer—your combined hard work was remarkable! The grassroots movement of this campaign was truly impressive.

“Clearly, we are all disappointed in how this election has unfolded and we grieve for our city. We all ran a great race together through positive messaging, honoring others, and responding to slander and lies with grace and truth.

“During the campaign, Beth and I walked 1,000 miles (give or take 50), knocked on over 10,000 doors conversing with over 3,500 residents. On those streets, we came to love our city and its residents even more. The vision for Burien as the best community to live, work, raise a family, and start a small thriving business driving local economic growth only grew. The hope of Burien as the Arts and Entertainment district gained momentum. We could see trees on every street, safe neighborhoods, and more walkers enjoying our great cafes and music venues. Our conviction of Burien’s destiny as the ‘Gem of the Sound’ intensified as we walked through every neighborhood.

“We are grateful to have journeyed with each of you. The new friendships we have made will be a treasure long after this is over. As people of faith, Beth and I bless all of you, our Burien neighbors, and our city with God’s peace. May we all prosper in friendship, love, grace, and unity.

“– Martin and Beth Barrett”


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