At Monday night’s (Aug. 21) regular Burien City Council meeting, lawmakers will honor some local heroes as well as retiring Police Chief Scott Kimerer, discuss different ways the City should stay involved with the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, amend the zoning map, discuss housing instability and more.

This is an open meeting that starts at 7 p.m. at Burien City Hall (400 SW 152nd Street).

Here’s the agenda (download the full PDF packet here):

  • 5:30 p.m. Special Meeting, Council Chambers: To hold Human Services Commission interviews, evaluate qualifications and approve appointments
  • 7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting, Council Chambers (with Public Comment)
  • 7:15 p.m.–7:30 p.m. Reception Honoring Heroism Award Recipients Burton Powers, Marc Anderson and Natasha Stapp, as well as Police Chief Scott Kimerer

a. Recommendation and Action on Options for Future Participation in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. (Time Sensitive)

b. Discussion and Potential Action on Ordinance No. 675 Amending City’s Zoning Map and Adopting Findings and Conclusions Regarding a Rezone Request from So Yong Morton. (Time Sensitive)

c. Continued Discussion on Possible Solutions to Housing Instability.

d. Discussion on Source of Income Discrimination Protection.

e. Review of Council Proposed Agenda Schedule.

a. Emerging Issues.
b. City Manager’s Report

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17 replies on “Burien Council to honor heroes, Police Chief; discuss homelessness & more Mon.”

    1. I rather spend my time watching paint dry then be concerned with what Lauren Berkowitz is going to do or not to do.

    2. My moneys on just not participating at all and being absent. Wasn’t her now famous quote from a few years ago “F the Police?”

      1. Yes QofA if you want to take her quote out of context.

        That quote was from her face book page when she was at a protest and witness a officer or group of officers acting out of line. Or what she considers out of line for that situation.

        Which means she doesn’t hate all law enforcement just ones that don’t follow rules. Or act professional in a professional manner.

        But then again spin this what ever way you want. Just as bad as the 24 hour News stations. I think Trump would even call you fake news QofA.

        1. You are actually defending someone who says F the police no matter what the context as an elected official. Smh.

          1. What you fail you to realized it was a statement made in the heat of the moment posted on her Facebook page. Even though the language maybe seen as rude. It show she is a human with human emotions.

            If I remember correctly it was before she was elected but not sure. I don’t use Facebook and feel it’s a waste of time. I also would not “follow” or be “friends” her if I did have a Facebook account.

            I still don’t why so many people that don’t like her would follower her or be friends with her on any form of social media or give a rats behind what she has to say on her social media. It doesn’t make much sense to waste your time with her off record nonsense.

            She also has two unions supporting her past election that also support law enforcement . So if she was totally against any form of law enforcement she would of return those donations and refuse to represent those unions.

            But what she did do was made statement about a officer or group officers that she felt where not following protocol for that situation. So as I see it she doesn’t even hate those officers. She was just upset at how they were acting at that moment. It shows police can make errors two there humans. I would guess that you “murlynd” never gets upset never used bad language. Never flip some one the bird. Right

            What she also done is question if we need to hire more officers for the city of burien at a cost to the tax payers or if there cheaper options to take care of some issues.

            Which people that don’t like her say she hates police for this. Instead of seeing as she trying to save tax payers some money. Or she just trying to ask a simple question?

          2. So that’s an affirmative in the defense of Berkowitz. Aren’t you the one who also was quick to point out who was running that wasn’t a resident and unqualified because they haven’t been living here but somehow feel immigrants who are here illegally should be protected even though they are not “from” here? The irony.

          3. Were is the irony the illegal aliens are not running for city council. The people running for city council should have a good standing residents in burien to show they know about the city. Are personally effected by the issue’s with in the city. That there not just making a pitstop for there political career.

            Also the illegal aliens that come here to work and get a better life for them selves. I don’t see a problem with that.

            The ones that commit crimes need to be lock up and sent home. The sanctuary city laws does nothing to stop the arrest of the ones that commit crimes. If you actually read the law instead relying on news media and website’s that spin information for own greed.

            This has been explain by the King county sheriff’s office and the city of Burien attorney.

            I think what really is your trying to bicker and make things sound worse than what they are. Now maybe you can explain why your doing this. Can you not understand truth or common sense. Or are you just wants to waste time bothering people with bull sh**.

          4. So what your saying murlynd is someone that is running for city council should not have a history in the city. They should only know what the read in the local papers and blogs about situations that they are going be making decisions on. Then when the crap hits the fan take off to the next city. Leaving us to clean up the mess.

            Then a illegal alien (also know as a immigrant) that moves here for a better life. Works and pay bills rent utilities local sale taxes. Provides a safe home for there family. Should be subject to harassment by local police based on the color of there skin or ethnicity.

            Now you maybe thinking but we have Spanish or Latin gangs fighting in burien. Yes but are these illegal aliens or people that where born here and unfortunately choose to live a gangster life style. Like so many other gang members in burien and King county.

            Like the juggalos,aka,crips,bloods,rolen60, or the other gangs that roam around burien that don’t normally make the news. But there around

            See some are older gangs that someone new to the area might not have a clue about there existence in the city. When comes down to making decisions on laws about fighting crime.

  1. Any discussion on the so-called “safe injection sites” as so many other cities are voting on this issue?

    1. Now that’s a tuff conversation to have. Since most that are against it make all sorts of assumptions about it. With out really sitting down and understanding the issue and need for better care on the topic.

      Then we have candidates that are against it just to get more votes. Like stating they will make a anti pan handling law. Which may help a little. But if you think about it the free way off ramps are state property so a city law would not effect those area’s. Those are the areas where most of pan handling go’s on. Then you have places that are private property but open to the public like Safeways parking lot. Where they have own set of rules on reporting pan handling to the police. Or a drunk homeless person standing in traffic spare changing. If it’s not directly in front of the store they can’t do anything about it. It’s up to the owners of the property to report it or press charges and show up to court.

    2. I have a real bad feeling the wheels are already in motion to locate a so-called “safe injection site” in Burien.

      I’ve also noticed some of the local liberal columnists are now trying to re-name them as “supervised consumption sites”.

      1. Burien for 32 years, I would encourage you to talk to Emergency Medics, local hospitals and law enforcement about their views on safe injection sites. There is a lot of ignorance about this topic and not just by those who are opposed to it. It’s the ‘users’ who can be woefully ignorant about everything to do with what they are doing. Talk to some parents who had ‘good kids’ die far too young and sadly without the family even knowing what was going on. Safe injection sites may be the only place where such people can get honest information. You may feel anybody who uses drugs deserves to die. If so, I wonder if you are aware just how many people are dying from drug overdoses? Talk to some people who have recovered and you may get a different perspective on whether a life is worth saving.

        1. It’s really funny you don’t encourage anyone to talk to police officers to get their perspective.

        2. Will the shooting stations in this site have HEPA filtered exhaust hoods?

          Is anyone actually crazy enough to work in one of these places without full bio suit?

          1. Interesting you would think a true RN would have more respect for patients from any background.

            Maybe it’s time for a career change Terry RN

            You kinda reminds me of one the RN at highlines ER a disrespectful lady that you could tell she had no care for people of any background. Just there to pick up a pay check really sad to see people like that in the medical field.

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