Screenshot shows the vote to put Ordinance 395 on the Nov. 7 ballot as a 6-0 vote, with 1 abstention.[/caption] By Jack Mayne Six Burien Councilmembers voted over the objections of Lauren Berkowitz to have the city sanctuary ordinance placed on the November general election ballot. Berkowitz abstained. After listening to people testifying for two hours – mostly in favor of sending the measure to the King County elections department for the November ballot – Mayor Lucy Krakowiak called for a vote, while Berkowitz tried to get time to address the crowd on their problems and concerns about the ordinance. The expedited vote after the long public testimony came because a Berkowitz motion remained on the floor from the last Council meeting, which took precedence. Text of the actual resolution:

“Resolution No. 395 Pursuant to RCW 41. 35.17.260 Calling an Election to be Held in Conjunction with the November General Election for Submission of a Proposed Initiative Ordinance to a Vote of the People and Instructing the City Clerk Regarding Presentation and Publication.”
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Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

11 replies on “Burien Council votes to put sanctuary law on Nov. 7 general election ballot”

  1. Now they should get to work on closing the loop hole that makes a outside or non-resident of Burien. Have the ability to sue are city council to force them into policy changes.

    1. The ironic part of this comment is that envisions the same concept against the sanctuary city. People from outside of this country should respect our laws and come here legally is the same logic as saying people from outside of Burien have no business with Burien policies or politics.
      It looks and feels normal that a country or municipality is allowed to make laws and enforce them.

      1. The issue with that is that for the most part it’s not the illegal aliens pushing this conversation for or against. It’s mostly American citizens that have mixed views on the topic. Ether from news report with some legit information and false information mixed in. Or from sources paid for by different political groups.
        Where ether no one does any research to back up what they herd or they don’t have the time to do research. So they make up there own assumptions usually there over dramatized one way or the other.
        Like we have seen on so many posts on this blog.

      2. The fact is that there are some people in this area including Burien who are illegal immigrants. Some of them came here on their own power and some were brought here as children by their parents. If any of these people are victims of crimes like robbery, burglary or even rape. If they go to the police to file a report, without sanctuary they may be asked about their citizenship, religion or whatever. If they are here illegally they may be taken into federal custody because they were the victim of a crime and they dared go to law enforcement for help. If we pass this ordinance we are putting a lot of people in harms way. They will be afraid to report crimes committed against them. They are people too and deserve respect. If you are not Native American and have not received permission from the native people to be here then you are illegal too. Think about it….

        1. Since that policy has existed at the KCSD for years maybe those it so called protects should turn themselves in for accounting purposes so we know where are taxes are going when it comes to schools, social services and law enforcement needs.

  2. Burien has had a big increase in shootings and drug trafficking since illegal immigrants moved in.
    Ending sanctuary city status is the first step in saying illegal aliens are not welcome here.
    We want legal immigrants, who have been properly vetted, Not drug cartel gang members.
    Chicago is a sanctuary city. How are they doing?

    1. Comparing Burien to Chicago? That makes sense. One city with a population of 50,000 vs a city with a population of 2.7 million.

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