If you see some shiny new, modern hybrid police cars around town, it’s because the Burien Police Department is testing new Ford Hybrid SUVs, thanks to a loan from their partners at the King County Sheriff’s Office.

“These vehicles boast pretty impressive performance, officer comfort and are way better for the environment than our current patrol cars,” police said.

According to Ford, the new hybrid vehicles are nearly forty percent more fuel efficient while driving. More importantly to police, their battery systems are strong enough to support the extensive electrical draws for police equipment. This allows the engine to shut off while the officer is doing paperwork or sitting idle waiting for a speeding vehicle to pass by. This idle time can use up to sixty one percent of fuel throughout the day.

Overall, this system is advertised to save a ton of fuel per year and greatly reduce police emissions.

“We are hoping these live up to the manufacturer’s claims so we can replace some of our aging Burien PD fleet with these Hybrid SUVs in the near future,” police added.

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