On Tuesday night, Aug. 10, 2021, an alert community member flagged down a Burien Police officer to report a male suspected of climbing around under cars near LA Fitness with a reciprocating saw.

Officers and detectives located the male in the 14800 block of 14th Ave SW, shortly after he allegedly removed the catalytic converter from this Ford truck.

Here’s more from police:

After using a cordless saw to cut the converter off this F-series, the suspect walked to nearby PetSmart where he shoplifted several items.

He was arrested moments after exiting the store. Deputies recovered the stolen pet items then the man gave deputies consent to search the trunk of his BMW.

Evidence does not lie. The cordless saw, stolen catalytic converter and a floor jack confirmed deputies had their suspect. As you read this post, our suspect is being held in the King County Jail for theft and malicious mischief.

As this and other posts show, the King County Sheriff’s Office will continue our work to aggressively deter and arrest those responsible for property crimes. While we cannot stop every incident, cases like this send a message that the Sheriff’s Office is committed to addressing the crimes that affect our communities.

Police say that the suspect was arrested and booked into jail for his crimes.

“Thank you to the alert community member that reported this suspicious behavior, which allowed us to hold this suspect accountable for committing crimes against our community,” police said.

Photos courtesy Burien Police Department / King County Sheriff’s Office

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